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So confused

Apr 25, 2012 - 0 comments

I have been having spotting for almost a month and had to decipher what cd I am on to get some labs done for cd 3 which included fsh, tsh, lh, & estradiol. Well I did my best and came up with last Thursday as cd1. As luck would have it, I was traveling and couldn't get in on cd 3 which landed on Saturday so I ended going in on Monday (cd5).

My results came in yesterday and they are baffling.

Fsh 4.3

Estradiol 248

Lh 3.1

Tsh .98

So basically my e2 levels are too high for this phase in my cycle which would suppress my fsh and indicate diminishing ovarian reserve. I'm pretty upset,but also confused.... Last night I started getting O pains! Could it be that I was wrong about my cycle date? My cycles are like clockwork usually, but between the surgery and bcp's I had the wackiest cycle ever that left me guessing where I actually was!

My ovulation pain is INCREASING and I know I'm close!!! Took my temp and it's wayyy low this morning. Ughhhhh,I'm so confused and just don't know what to think! Am I peri menopausal or could this be due to testing on the wrong day? I would think if I were on say day 11 when I did labs that my fsh would be higher? Idk, can't find much info on fsh values mid cycle.

If you have any info or ideas please share. Any advise is welcome!!!!

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