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what now

Apr 26, 2012 - 0 comments

what ??



was doing great , working in my yard and woods cleaning up branches and limbs from snow storm in october. breaking up hosteas and replanting them near woods also ferns. planted new bulbs for perrienials, can,t afford all those annuals anymore. Sunday felt like i had the flu achy and didn't eat for 2 days stayed in bed as every time i walked it was like  i felt like 2 hours after playin football. feel better today, have to see my pulminologist on monday find out if the spots went away from my lungs or got worse coughing up every so often what looks not like phlegm, but a flat piece of something that shrinks and turns red when it dries, put it in a cup of water and it returns to oiginal shape and color, gotta remember to bring it monday.

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