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Apr 26, 2012 - 1 comments

Ok as all my mh friends know it was a long hard road to me having my miracle baby jack. With 4 mcs ( 1 at 17 weeks) im wondering if i should try again. I love having jack as the centre of attention but id love one more so i can call it a day on being pregnant. I know im lucky to have my 2 sweeties. Am i being totally selfish? Should i just count myself lucky and call it day? Or should i risk it again?

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by retta483, Apr 26, 2012
I think you should try again . I dont think your beaing selfish at all . It is hard to go threw m/c I have gone threw 2  but Sometimes things go wrong I think they can go wrong just as much as they can go right . SO I vote yes try again :)

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