Stupid BP

Apr 27, 2012 - 0 comments

I made a doctors appt. with a new doctor on Monday.  I have to travel an hour away to see her though.  Today I was a little worried.  I checked my sugar and it was fine.  Also checked a urinalysis in which showed ketone levels elevated and as usual, bld in my urine.  Now I'm leaning toward a kidney issue.  Though still questioning Hepatitis C, Fibromyalgia (spell check) or ?

Chest pains were pretty bad today probably due to BP being 193/108 with a pulse rate of 132.  It was my own fault though for forgetting morning pills and taking them 5 hours late.   Pains were a few hours after taking them though so who knows.  O Well.  Probably nothing but ignorance on my part.

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