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Apr 28, 2012 - 0 comments

For too long I thought God must not exist.  Or if He did, He must be irrelevent as I was not able to see Him in my life.  Then He SHOWED me both His reality and His care... but the church I attended was a young upstart, where though they fervently studied and believed the Bible there were no Christians mature in their faith.  That ended badly for everyone, particularly me.  Again I thought God must not be the most important part of my life.  Big mistake I regret so thoroughly I consider it right near the top of my long list of life mistakes.  

God is sovereign.  I ignored Him at my peril.  He forgives us, but He also is just and their are consequences for the me lifestyle I chose.  I'm praying now for a miracle.  

For almost a year I gave myself all the credit for the weight I lost.  More recently I've been more realistic in my assessment... For most of my adult life the only thing that happened when I thought "diet" was I got hungrier and ate more.  I can't take credit for the change.  If I hadn't lost the weight I'd be dead by now... I was that sick... or in the bed next to that other lady.  I've lost count of the accidents and illnesses that nearly killed me... I'm definitely still here for a reason.  I just hope it doesn't include homelessness.  

Pray for me, please.  

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