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not feeling pregnant

May 01, 2012 - 2 comments

I guess I can say I'm blessed, if everything is still alright in there. I'm 11 wks and 4 days and really have no symptoms. not feeling as gassy or bloated lately. No constipation. never had any M/S. Of coarse my symptoms have been really mild anyways. I just pray that everything is still progressing with baby. I'm just a little worried until I see or hear baby again.It's been since week 9. i tried to schedule an extra U/S for this week, but they wouldn't let me unless something was wrong. I guess they means like cramping or bleeding. I guess constant worriedness doesn't count. Well I was just keep praying that everything is going okay.

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by Gardezi, May 01, 2012
yes u r so sure everything is fine with the baby...:)..i bet your worries will be gone when u get to see ur of luck

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by MeYeah, May 02, 2012
I didn't have many symptoms of pregnancy either. I hardly had ANY morning sickness. If i didn't know I was pregnant I would have thought I had a mild flu for about a week or something because that is ALL i had of MS. All other symptoms were mild too. For now just be thankful for this.

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