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Todays docters appointment and possible symtoms

May 01, 2012 - 3 comments

So today i went for a docters appointment to try and see if there was anything i can do to help us have a better chance at ttc. Well it was a complete waist of time, i felt more educated on the subject more than the bloody docter did lol.

I told her how since the misscarriage (nearly 6 months ago) i still havent been able to get pregnant, even though i thought after a d&c i thought you were supposed to be very fertile the first 3months after it. Well thats not the case for me, i am 22, it took me and the future hubby 13months to concieve are little angel but sadly ended in m/c at 14 weeks. So were on our 6th month of ttc and still nothing.

The docter however, told me to take pregnacare conception, which i had been taking for the past 2 months, but decided this month i would try a more expensive suppliment called fertilaid. She also said about tracking my ovualtion which i have been doing every month since my ttc jorney started. So i guess i am one step ahead of the docters lol.

I guess all i can do is wait, as her words were it can take a heatlhy couple upto a year to concieve. Well dont i no that lol. Its taking me nearly 2 years with a m/c in between.

I am 7dpo today and although i am trying not read into things this month i have noticed alot of ewcm, and my boobs are really sore, they dont really get this sore this early on, before my cycle starts, one thing i must mention is i have never had a coldsore on my lip in my life, but me being weird i have always got them on the end of my nose since i was very young lol, and the docter told me years ago i would get this when i am run down or have a very low ammune system. I can remember last time when i was 7 weeks pregnant that i broke out in a coldsore. and it was actually the last time i had it. And what do you know i have one right now, but i am not taking it as an indication that this is a sign. I am just going to wait and see, am also not going to bother testing because i dont want to get upset. I told myself i am just going to let fate takes its course and it will happen when it happens. So atleast ino i am doing everything right with the docters point of view all i can do is wait.......

I am waitingggggggggg....... lol xxxxx

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by Carly1306, May 01, 2012
That's what doctors are like here! It's annoying isn't it? Because we only see general GP's, they're not specialised in one certain area and only really have a basic knowledge of everything. So when we go looking for advice or information, half the time, they don't have it!

I can't even count the number of times I've went to the doctor and like always, done my research before and I've known more than they do! I know all too well how hard it is to wait. We had been trying to 7 months, before the miscarriage I had last year, then tried another 6 months before falling pregnant again, and miscarrying AGAIN, last month and I'm waiting on my first cycle since the d&c so we can start again. It's horrible, but I just get by with that it happens for a reason.

Both time when we got pregnant, it was when we weren't trying to hard, and was the months we were either really busy so not having the time to focus on it, or we decided to 'go with the flow' for a month!

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by Dani469x, May 01, 2012
Thats what happend the month i got pregnant, i gave up trying, and didnt focus on it, and then it happend. But i have gone far past that stage now, and i just cant help thinking about it. I try not to think that every little symtom could be a sign.But the last few month i would test at 8dpo and then give up, and be so upset. It is getting alot easy for me to handle every month. I am not going to test until i am few days late (thats if i get that far) lol. Ino it will eventually happen but its all just a waiting game. The hardest part is that we have now hit may, and that is the month my baby would have been born on the 14th, It would be nice to find out i was preg again before i hit that date. But who knows. I am not getting my hopes up anymore. It will happen when my body is ready. And your right kitkat, docters in the UK avint got a clue, i really felt like i knew more on the subject, and all the things that i was told to do, i have  been doing these since i started ttc, lol xxx hopeless xxxx

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by Maybe-baby, May 02, 2012
Oh great...that gives me NO hope for when it comes to us going to the doctor!! What is the point if it doesn't get you anywhere???? Did your doctor not give you a possible future set of tests?? Any indication for when they'll start actually getting off their butt and helping??!! Useless :( I hope you get good news this month!! I know it's going to be hard as it is for you :( xxx

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