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Codeine withdrawal

Feb 01, 2008 - 84 comments








It's been 12 days since I stopped taking codeine cold turkey. After an 11 year addiction where I was taking up to 30+ a day( 30mgs). I slipped up on day 4 and downed about 9 pills, which is still a lot less than I was use to. I have no idea why I took those 9 on that day because I don't think my body had even started going into withdrawals by that time.
Its been so long now that I can't even remember why I started taking  codeine in the first place I just know that for the last many years, I needed to take it to actually get to sleep. I hardly ever took them during the day, except for the odd occassion that I had a headache or a toothache and then I would only take 3. It was night time that I would wait until everyone went to bed and then sit there and down up to 30. I needed to be able to go to bed and just fall asleep in a second and thats what they did for me.
My husband was aware of the addiction as he use to find empty packets all over the house, but until I told him, he was totally unaware of the extent of the addiction.
If I didn't have any tablets I would start to panic, then my mood would be unpredictable and a little agro. What made it harder was that I live in small town that has only 4 pharmacy's but us addicts can be pretty resourceful.
I am not sure when the withdrawals started but when they did I swear at the time I thought I was going to die. The stomach cramps the constant nausea, the constant diarrhea, the night sweats, hot, cold, cold but sweating all night, hot and shivering all night. Yawning, constant tiredness, the list goes on and on.
Now its nearly 2 weeks and I have a little nausea but the thing that is driving me totally insane now is the restlessness in my legs and the pain in my back. I spend all night tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable and then I get so angry that I can't get to sleep. It is getting a little easier. I  think I had really high expectations, I think I was expecting to be over this a lot quicker. I did think about going to the Doctors to get help over my addiction but in the end I decided to just stop because I didn't want them to give me something else to rely on and become addicted to but at the moment I would seriously think about saying yes to a sleeping pill or a muscle relaxant but I won't
A good thing about not taking the  pills anymore is I am not sleeping my life away (I do go to bed earlier now though). On the weekends I would sleep like 18 hours a day. I would go to bed at like 4.00am, sleep until 2.00pm get up for a while and go back to bed. I have no idea how I managed to hold down a full time job and raise 2 children.
I just want this to be over although I am in a better place now than I was 6 days ago and I think the hardest thing for me right now is I have no control over how I am feeling. I am so use to gettng my own way and having what I want when I want it, I am suddenly thrust into this situation that is beyond my control. It is not going to be over because I want it to be and I have no idea when I am going to be "normal" again and another things that is a little scary is I don't think I know what normal is anymore, or who I am going to be when this is completely over. I feel like I have been living someone else's life for years and I have no idea who I really am.
I have so much more to write and say, but don't want to bore anyone.

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by Terri599, Apr 12, 2008
How long after stopping the codeine before the withdrawl symptoms started?

Terri in Florida

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by lrocs, Jun 01, 2008

Hey there smyley, I'd like to keep in touch with you on this, I just went off codine a week ago (20 a day,30mg). I've been on these for 40 years now and because of heart trouble I had to quit them, along with alcohol, cold turkey.  I'm having the same symptoms as you with pain in my back and would like to know how long its going to last, I'd sure like to know if you find out. I'm on valium and that helps a bit but cant take any pain pills as I'm also on warfarin because of atrial fibrilation. Anyways, if you'd like to get back to me on this I'd sure appreciate it as I also live in a small town and have keep to myself so as not to be found out. Withdrawl aint fun, tc

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by hailz78, Sep 28, 2009
I had car accident two years ago that's when I started taking Panadine Forte little did I know it would start my addiction to codene! It's only been the last few weeks that I have started to notice that when I don't have it I get sick so I take more to stop feeling sick, but it's actually Codine that's making me sick in the first place! Now I am so itchy all the time over my hole body it's driving me crazy? is this from the Codine? Im always feeling sick, hot flushes, pain in legs and back, headaches and moodswings! I went to my doctor to find out whats wrong I thought I had cancer or something but i think it could be the codine!!!.I take at least 8 a day, the days I don't have it is when I get the symptoms above, could I be having withdrawls?

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by kelly223, Nov 24, 2009
I have been on codeine for years and have just gone cold turkey 3 weeks now clear it was awful but I still have  diarrhea
does anyone know how long it takes for this to stop ?  I have been advised by my doctor not to take immodium but
just to let it pass through but soon am back at work which is mostly driving, any ideas?

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by brea456, Nov 24, 2009
Me and my husband have been addictied to codeine for a year and a half in the begining we had no idea what thease pills would do to our marriage or our life. we thought they were harmless we would take them to get wired up as we would call it, little did we know our fun times of takeing a few pills and cleaning and takeing our kids to the park and just going 90 to nothing untill they wore off would soon turn into spending all of our money getting them rideing around untill we found someone who had them and if we couldnt we would take turns going to the hospital and saying what ever we had to to get a script of hydro's it took controll of our whole life we droped all kinds of weight becasue we wernt eating becasue takeing them on an empty stomach would make them kick in so much harder we lost all sight of what it is important snd only worried about where we were gonna get our next script of pills  we have been off for 2 days now and are in full withdraws body ache's night swaets but frezzing at the same time throwing up diarrhea you almost wish you were dead and it is hard not to give in and go get one becasue you know thats the only thing that will make it all go away but all the pills are is a curse thats spreads more and more each time you take one its less of a chance you will ever be able to come off so if someone is reading this that has not  been on them long or even if you have please take it from some one who knows stop now you will go through a week of hell but there is light and your life waiting at the end of this dark tunnel its never to late to stand up and find the real you again no one can fight this battle for you even though alot of people probley want to you have to make the choice to do it and you wont quit untill your truely ready when you have seen the worst and your so bad you cant even stand to look at your own reflection anymore you can either lay down and waller in the mess you have made or stand up and forgive your self and change your situation even feeling like i am right now i still sat here and wrote this in hope's that someone will read it see the bigger picture and stop addiction can mean death but it dosent have to thanks to all of you who read this and keep me and my husband in your prayers and wish us luck to really do this this time for our health and for our kids and each other and the person above me the diarrhea will be gone in a few more days no matter what the docter says immodium will help you wont feel any better if you just let it pass through you actually feel worse i know becasue this is not the first time i have attempted this but it will be my last oh and good luck to all of you on your journey to freedom  

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by addictdiabetic, Nov 25, 2009
I was given codeine by my Dr when i was only 15 for diabetic nuropthy, I wasn't even seen by the Dr she just wrote up a script and my mother picked it up for me. I'm now 22 and still taking 16 tablets a day (nurofen plus and solpadeine max 2 of each together, and i have a repeat prescription for codeine but its only for 64 15mg tablets which i use up in 2-3 days). If I had known they were so addictive I would have never taken them in the first place and could kill the Dr who prescribed them. I did find out that she should have never prescribed them to me in the first place for nuropathy. Anyway I have managed to come off them 3 times in the past and gone through all the withdrawal symptoms mentioned and felt so much better for it about a month after. But this time I have been taking them for a much longer period and I am extremely scared of going through it this time as I have a fear the withdrawal would be much worse and with my diabetes even life threatening. I'm now worried as to what affect these tablets are having on my body but like a lot of people I am to scared to go to my Dr. I really don't no what to do, my mother has been extremely supportive and understanding, which I know I am incredibly luck for. I was thinking of trying to come off them slowly and reducing the does day by day. Has anyone tried this? I would be very greatful if you could let me no and if it worked for you.

I really am impressed by those of you have gone cold turkey and have gotten through it, I hope you all succed and are feeling normal soon. Good luck

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by scm76, Dec 01, 2009
codeine withdrawl is the worst thing anyone can go through. No wonder people want to continue to use. I've been taking codeine for about a year now. I would take it I guess to cope with life, it makes me feel like I can deal or makes me happy & feel oh so good. Until you have to take more & more to feel anything. This drug has emptied my bank account & has made me so sick I wanted to die!!!!! I was up to eight 30mg Roxys a day & at $12 a piece, you do the math. I haven't taken one for over a month now but if I don't take a suboxine, I have deadly withdrawls. I don't want to have to depend on the suboxines but without them the sickness is horrible. The night sweats, the freezing but sweating like a freak, the mood do I forget the vomiting. I didnt realize I could get ride of so much bile. The leg restless is enough to make you crazy, not to mention the insomia....the list goes on. This drug is not to be messed with & the sad thing is, I really don't know many people that aren't addicted. I'm not sure how long I can tough out the sickness. I'm decided that I will just have to tough it out no matter what if I want to be off everything, Oh yeah...when you drink or do any other kind of drug, the symptoms return! It awful.

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by jamey424, Dec 19, 2009
Are there any Surviours of N+ out there.
Has anyone auctally gotten off these ******* things. My daughter is seriously ill in hosptial because of them and is now going through c/t wd. best place for her i know but how long does this take ???

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by blue1969, Dec 20, 2009
Start of day 4 cold turkey after taking 8 x 30/500 cocodamol a day for 7 years.  The flu symptoms have eased, still some restlessness, disturbed sleep, diarroreah, nausea, horrendous back ache particularly around the sacro-illiac joint.  On the plus side don't feel foggy headed.  i hope i'm through the worst but still not right by any means.  Would apprecite any support

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by pharma9, Dec 20, 2009
Blue...I quit taking 8-10 tyl#3 daily 3 months ago.I took 2 extrastrength tylenol and 2 ibuprofen 400mg every 4 hours during the rebound pain.The rebound pain subsided after about the 5th or 6th day.Epsom salt baths help relax and put magnesium in the body.A couple of nights I took Nyquil..the one without the decongestant...I took vit b12 1000 mcg under the tongue daily,Bcomplex with zinc,vit d 1000U,omegas every day and still do.I got thru most of those withdrawal symptoms in a week.Imodium helps the diarrhoea.I have rheumatoid arthritis and thought that only codeine was strong enough to relieve my pain.I was wrong,when the rebound pain went away,I am able to control my pain with otc pain meds.In USA there is a an otc pain med called percogesic that is very effectiveI worked long and hard hours on my feet thru this withdrawal and now feel great.I do not even crave the opiates because I can live without them and control my pain with tylenol and ibuprofen.I do not take as much ibuprofen now as in the first few days.Total safe tylenol dose is 4000mg/day and ibuprofen is 1600mg/day.You are over the worst and things will soon stop.I do not wake up with a headache anymore.Those opiates cause more pain than they relieve.

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by blue1969, Dec 22, 2009
How long did your insomnia last because i find this horrendous!

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by tron33, Jan 11, 2010
agreed, i'm in the middle of exams and not sleeping a wink after 5 days withdrawal - i couldn't face them with the thick head and have come off 60mg x 8 / day after 18 years.

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by th5, Jan 13, 2010
i just dropped down from 2 times 80mg oxys to 6 time 30 mg codeine  a day.  Not feeling too bad. in 3 days i'll cut down by two and so on.

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by mich79, Jan 16, 2010
my husband is on 45 np a day hes horrid on them and off them im worried if he gos c/t hel die im scared

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by mich79, Jan 16, 2010
he wants o quit but is embarised to seek help
could he die?

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by aussiebattler, Jan 31, 2010
the last tablets I had were three nurophen plus last night, so its been roughly 18hrs and I feel not too bad at all. I'm wondering when does the worst of it kick in, I was on 18 tablets per day.

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by varietysecret, Jan 31, 2010
I recently came off 28 pills to 0 in two weeks, I didnt listen to the doctors who got me addicted in the first place and told me I should wean off over a year. I am the GOD of ME and I can make this addiction STOP. yes I have agonising leg cramps and insommnia and with arthritis and fibromyalgia to boot the pain is hard to handle but I firmly believe synthetic pain relief causes more pain than it fixes, I have had quantum healing and accupuncture in the past which have both helped and I have turned my life around by working from home and avoiding as much stress as possible. there is a light at the end of the tunnel as I know I dont want drugs in my life, the funny thing is when I saw a shrink in October after getting hospitalised in October with baaaaad cold turkey he said I had a mildly addictive personality...LOL I gave up cocaine in 2007 I gave up speed in 2008 and cannabis in 2009, all with the strength of mind approach so I would really disagree, My body may get addicted but my mind is free and even though I am sweating like a maniac and have leg cramps and stomach cramps and nausea and insommnia I know the hell will stop and I can do it, For anyone going through withdrawal my heart goes out to you but real life is your reward and you can find this again. Western medicine is not the answer I believe with all my heart our strength and determination to be free will be the most positive thing that can happen to us and even if you are a secret addict and no one knows what you have fought, inside you will know the battle has been won and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Religion used to be sedation for the masses now GPs are the new preachers and they love to hand out pills that make you quiet, do not give in be a heretic to the evil church of addiction and choose a new way. walk into the light my friends it is inside you xxxx

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by varietysecret, Jan 31, 2010
by the way the pills were paracetamol, ibuprofen, tramadol,amitryptylene and dihydrocodeine and the DR wanted to give me Naproxen and Gabapenthin to add to the cocktail, its amazing I was awake and breathing let alone building a new business, a new relationship and keeping a house beautifully oh and fighting a legal battle with my ex employers!

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by painfullyquiet, Feb 06, 2010
i kicked this habit once and now have just slipped up it's been 1 year clean from codine and now 2months fallen i'm takin 11 a day 30mgs can anyone tell me will the withdrawl be as bad as when i kicked the first 10year habit?

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by pharma9, Feb 06, 2010
Painful....If you were only using for 2 months I suspect the withdrawals will not be as bad.However,you have to realize your triggers and determine not to give in to them.If you have no need for codeine you do not need it in your life at all.
Good luck with your renewed efforts and let us know how you are doing.

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by foundmyway, Feb 09, 2010
Hi peoples, Firstly congrats to all of you contemplating, enduring and the successful in beating this chronic addiction! I have been searching the net like a mad woman for a few weeks now as I am a migraine suffer and also dreaded morning waker of headaches. For the first time in my life I have seriously contemplated leaving this world but I can't bare the thought of useless family members shuffling my adorable kids around. They would be hurt terribly, so the fight continues. After reading I started to panic thinking I am most definetely in the category of rebound headaches or medication overuse. I went to my doctor and he said I doubt it, you don't take them everyday do you?' I do!! He said then stop. It's not quite that easy, this is a 3 year addiction of slowly increasing the amount. I am tiny, 5ft 45kgs. I started taking the daily dosages and it has slowly increased until 2 weeks ago and I tried to stop. I went 1 day and ended up with a migraine. I reduced the dosage way lower than the recommended use but slowly over the week it increased. I was crying alot as I just can't handle the headaches every single day. Then last Thursday I woke up headache free after I increased my Lovan (SSRI) the day before. Silly to think this is the reason as it takes longer for saturation. Mind you I have been taking this for 6 months. Anyhoo, I am now on day 5 and have not taken any ibuprofen, no paracetamol, no codeine. I had a migraine yesterday and instead of taking any of those I took my Imigran nasal spray 100mg and Voltaren suppository 100mg at the same time and it went away after lying down. I hate suppositories but I need to help myself. What I need to know is when is the codeine out of your system? I am drinking alot of water and eating well. I smoke unfortunately but hey don't we all have at least one vice ;) I want to know when I can assume the headaches are not associated with the codeine.... then I can eliminate if it was rebound although I am certain it was as I feel alot better now than I did 5 days ago. Also the terrible withdrawls are an indicator, with flu like symptoms, hot then cold and back again, shaking, restless legs, totally wired, aching legs and back, blurry vision (worse than normal) (I have insomnia for the Inderal I take, so not sure if the insomnia is associated) diorhea and a terrible urge to go to the cupboard and take some tablets,and resisting was hard. Now it doesn't bother me. My husband takes them but if they aren't there he won't be fazed, I would panic. I think I have got to the point where I was taking them in fear to prevent a migraine or headache. Either way please excuse my dribblings, I am lost and can't talk to anyone I know about this and finding and reading this forum is a really empowering place for me. I feel like it can be done when others say I'm at 3 months and NO HEADACHES!!! OMG I dream of this! I also dream of shoving my fist into my doctors face sometimes at how he just wizzes me in out and of his office and inside I am screaming at the way I am not getting anwhere. Oh and while I am abusing everyones ears :) does anyone know if long term UTI infection can be caused from codeine? I have been clear for 6 months now but spent an entire year with my first ever UTI for over 12 months.. And finally, what are signs of liver damage? I am concerned that although my appetite is low, when I do eat, I am bloated and burping alot, or is this still withdrawls?? Thanks guys xxx

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by Wanttobestrong, Mar 16, 2010
Hi everybody...Well, I guess there's only one reason why Im here. Here's my quick story. Ive suffered from migraines since ive been 3. Every type of test under the sun was done..and finally just learned my triggers. Certain foods, stress, hormones, strobe lights, loud loud music etc. Ive tried every type of preventive and pain relieving medication out there. 6 years ago, my sister gave me a Fioricet with codeine. It was a GOD sent. It took my migraine away immediately. So, ONLY when I needed it, I used it. And only 1. Well, going through pregnancies triggered my migraines, and Fioricet was the only thing I was allowed. I have a year old little girl..and since Ive had her, my migraines intensified. My MD had me on it daily..and up to 6 a day at times. I went to her several times and told her I was afraid of my tolerance build up. She told me "she too, had migraines, and it was okay"...finally, when I COMPLAINED to her, she cut me off and told me to go to a rehab then.
Raising two young children under 3, that is  not an  option. So, I went back to my Neuro...where I was upfront and honest with him about everything. He said he would help wean me off...but its been 2 months, and I cant seem to get down from 4 a day. SO 3 days ago, I began taking Fioricet WITHOUT codeine. I figured it would be easier to wean that way. The withdrawal is no where near as bad as the cold turkey from the Fioricet WITH codeine. Im on day 3...feeling like crap, but functional.

I jsut wanted to say hello and Im glad I found others in my boat.

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by HunterThom, Apr 10, 2010
HI, don't think there is any worse thing in the world than codeine withdrawals... for the people wondering it will take about 3 whole months to feel normal again, mind you, things get a whole lot better after the first month. I am or was a heavy user having up to 1000 mgs a day, and this has been the hardest thing i have every been through, since jan this year i have been on and of them i made it a whole 4 weeks once before relapsing, but i am still fighting and i feel like i am going to win this time round. I have now got some help from a drug counsselling and this is proving to be the biggist help yet... so good luck to everyone and i do think we should all be talking about this problem.... it helps pass the long long long nights :)

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by Wanttobestrong, Apr 11, 2010
Just a really quick update. Its been almost a month now..and Im happy to say that I havent had ANYTHING other than Excedrine in   about 2 weeks!!! 2 weeks seems like a short time to some, but Im proud of it!!!! I still have some anxiety issues and also some strong bouts of nausea....and the occasional diarrhea.  My days are tough to get through, but much better than worrying about how I was going to get another refill on my script. Good luck to anyone else out there struggling. No matter how 'deep' you are in to it, there's always a way out.

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by smyley, Apr 12, 2010
Hiya HunterThom
I understand where you are coming from, I too have slipped back into old habits a number of times since my very first post, and I was so proud of myself back then. I think this has been the longest since I gave up the first time that I have been taking codeine continually. I think I was back on them for at least the last 8 months. I am now 3 or four weeks clean. I think what I miss most about them is the fact that I would go to bed and just fall asleep straight away. Now I toss and turn and toss and turn, and I know it was like this the first time, if not worse,  but over time you forget, obviously, otherwise you would never go back to taking them again.
I think what is going to make it easier this time is as of May 1st, at least in this state,  you are going to need a prescription to get anything with codeine in it. Thanks to people like my self who continually abused the system and chemist shopped. Which is pretty hard in a town with only 5 chemists.
Anyways, please let me know how you are going.

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by HunterThom, Apr 15, 2010
Hi Smyley,
Day 9..... :) They never tell you when you first start where its gonna take you and what you gotta though when you have had enough, What i wonder is if i would have even listened if anyone had of told me, heh.... I have another suggestion to all us hard working quitters, Relaxing music, it really helps get some feeling back inside you, I've been listing to a lot of solo Jackson Browne and Early Neil Young, it has been helping a lot. though, i guess it wont matter what music it is so long as you can relate to it.
Smyley, You, at the moment are my greatest hero, 3 or 4 weeks clean is fantastic, you really should be so proud of yourself. Sleeping *****. i get 2 hours then bam I'm wide awake, I have to sneak out for a walk just to run the restlessness out of my legs before i can get any more sleep and even then its only another hour or 2. I'm in NSW to and i'm happy about that law coming in, its a good thing, even better for me here on the central coast, not to many chems..
To anyone else reading this looking for help, just remember EVERY DAY IS JUST ONE DAY. and it even though they are sometimes so long and the nights even longer, good things await, and if your clean and wanting to just try a half a pack to feel that nice sleep, don't. Its just a choice and its not worth saying yes..... there are better things out there it just takes time. so everyone who is quitting or thinking about it, work out why you are stopping and what you know you enjoy and every time it gets hard just grab hold of the thought of what you enjoy and keep thinking about it, take a walk to think, we can all do it.    

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by herasmack, Apr 21, 2010
There's some really touching stories here. I was a heroin addict, a cocaine addict,  then on methadone for 6 years. Got of that. Now I've been on T3s for 3 years right now I've been tapering quite quickly-Ive done this countless times. I went from 7.5 pills-made first drop to 4.5 for 4 days, then 3 for 3 days, now I'm on 2nd day of 1.5. Then I'm off.

The people that are posting here that take 30 -60 pills a day-you have to switch to methadone or valium and cut back very slowly. My God, if you went cold turkey from 30 pills a day, you MAY die. In any case, you won't be able to bear the agony. For everyone else who are taking 8 or less a day-do a taper-go down 1 or a half pill every 3 or 4 days. Get some zopiclone or valium-it helps.

You have to get it in your head that you're going to suffer. But if you do it properly, it's bearable. Codiene is not the worst thing to get off. Xanax is a lot worse. So is Heroin. If you use some kind of benzo-valium, xanax, etc-don't stay in them long term-you don't want a xanax habit to have to break. Trust me. I remember at one point it felt like my teeth were rotating in their sockets. So much anxiety, my eyes moved up and down by themselves rapidly-think it was a small seizure.

Good luck everyone, it's doable if you do it right. If you can't make it the way you are doing it, then slow down the taper or get some zopiclone to take while you  are withdrawaling.

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by Alive82, Apr 21, 2010
Dear All,

It took a near death experiance to get me off codiene. Like most I used it as it was the only thing that would get rid of a migraine.
I used a high strength Ibuprofen/codeine tablet, started with the recommended dose when I was about 15, then slowly started increasing the dose as you become immune to the drug and require more for the same effect. I am now 27, and 5 months ago I was admitted to the Emergency Department for a Perforated Stomach Ulcer, so basically what happened was the tablets had eaten a hole through my stomach lining. Anyone who has experianced this will know its not the most pleasant experiance, I would immagine it would be comparable to being stabbed in the stomach, the pain is excrutiating. If left untreated this will kill within 48hrs, much less sometimes.
This was my big wake up call, it didn't matter how many family members said I looked like **** all the time (I lost 25kgs over a period of 3 years due to the tablets reducing my appetite to zero), I had severe annemia, no energy, I literally looked like the walking dead, when I wasn't in bed that is. My wife threatened to leave, take the kids, but this drug had such a hold on my life I just couldn't see a way out.
I did try a few times over the years to quit, even booked my self into a rehab clinic, I spent two days there and bailed, only to relapse. The drug was just so easy to get.
My wife became a strong advicate against this drug, she has written several letters to Doctors and current affairs programs to try to warn the public about the dangers of this drug, the addiction, the health risks. I am pleased to see now in Australia they are moving the of the shelf Codeine products to the Pharmacy section, this is the first step in the right direction.
But ultimately its us who have to do this for ourselves, I needed the drug just to function, withdrawels would start if I went half a day without it, I was taking up to 70 a day, everyday, the Doctors were suprised I was not dead due to organ failure, my heart had deteriorated, not good for a 27 year old.
It takes a huge heart to take this drug on, look yourself if the eye and say NO MORE, I will not let this rule my life. 5 months ago as I lay on the operating table about to have my stomach sliced open, the Doctor said you will die if you continue this way, finally then I realised I had to end it, whatever it took I was prepared, not looking forward to it, but my wife stood by me the whole way, and she gave me some simple but effective advice, and whenever I was going through the withdrawels, I would say this to myself "This wont last forever" (referring to the withdrawels). IT helped a lot.
Now I was what I would class a severe addict, so I was preparing myself for some pretty intense withdrawels, as I said before I was using 70 plus a day, when addmitted to hospital I was given 5 times the normal dose of Morphine for my pain, but due to my bodies tolerance of opiates, it was ineffective, not even a dent in the pain.
Like my wife told me "this wont last forever", and it didn't. After a week I was feeling better, the first weeks is the hardest, no walk in the park by any means, but the cravings were dying after about two weeks, and around that time the appetite returned.
The hardest part was the anxiety, the restlessness were you just cant get comfortable, and this did last for a good two months, now as I had stomach surgery I was not allowed anything to ease this, no alcohol nothing, but I had prepared myself mentally for this hard slog, and half the battle is mental, there is the physical dependance, but its the physicalogical dependance that is the hardest to get over. Two months after the surgery I was at hospital for a post-op check up, this  included an endoscopy to view my stomach to see if the ulcer had healed, which it had. I had started to gain weight back and colour in my skin, my heart was also better.
After three months I was a new man, well on the way to recovery, my family was so happy to see me changing, I had put so much stress on my parents over the years, my mum especially, her son was dying and she couldn't do anything. The day she told me I was looking well made it all worthwhile.
Now 5 months on I have gained back 20kgs, I have my energy back, my sex drive, my colour and my health and my life. Its the hardest thing I have had to do but you just have to bite the bullet and get stuck in. I really hope I haven't scared anyone with my story, but it the honest truth and like myself I needed to be scared into quiting this drug, it was the only way for me, I hope you who read this will relate to my story, and please stop before you get the where I was.
Please know there is support out there, this is quite a common problem and there are programs to help you, just see your doctor dont be embarrassed, its better to be embarrassed than dead.
Good Luck to you all

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by R8tor, May 17, 2010
I took 4 N+ tablets a day with a glass of red wine when i broke up with a partner I thought I loved. I always knew if I screwed up and needed to escape I could go there but it made me feel grumpy the next day. Anyway, 3-4 years after this, for no partticular reason I just started having 4 every morning at work. It made me feel warm and fuzzy and like having a smoke or 2. hat developed into 4 in the morning and then 4 when I got home as a present for finishing work. Its such a mind ****. After a few months I tried to stop but painful legs man! WTF? Addicted? Aw no. Guiltiliy I upped the dose gradually till I was taking 48 N+ a day = 614.4mg codeine a day. Too much for a human, especially with all the ibuprofen. ****. Anyway, here i am 2 years down the track and I have just come back to work. I took 2 weeks off and told everyone I was going on holiday (so they would not call me), went to the doc, said I had crazy anxiety all the time just to get 50 x 5mg valium tablets and 25 x trmazapams for sleeping. I chewed through all the meds in the first 5 days of detox by myself at home. I felt awful like everyone does. After a week I thought I was all back to normal, but so emotional. Like I had not felt anything real for 2 years. Cried watching daytime **** tv. Can't get comfortable etc etc. sleep is the only escape and if you sleep in the day you can't sleep at night! so bad.  After 2 weeks and 3 days I am typing this at work.
Everyone has said how much healthier I look etc etc. and I don't smoke so much anymore. The problem I have is my legs start hurting at about midday anbd are still really restless. Last night I drank a half bottle of vodka and the pain went I could sleep. I don't want to replace one addiction with another, but maybe because I never drink it would be ok to take the edge off for a week with alchohol?
Its such a massive problem in Australia. Now that you have to ask at the counter it will make a difference, but I reckon it should be script only. Its way too tempting. I went to an NA meeting last week. Its was cool, and therer were alot of normal people there some witht he same N+. I haven't been back but I might when i stop hurting.
I wanna rip my knee caps off!

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by R8tor, May 17, 2010
The Thomas Recipe - For Opiate Withdrawal
I decided to post this for those who haven't found it and for all us "newbies". Peace and good luck to all of those here stuggling with addicition.

"PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, simply a long-time Rx opiate junkie who has had many opportunities to develop a way to detox. This is a recipe for at-home self-detox from opiates based on my experience as well as that of many other addicts. It is not intended as professional medical advice. It is always wise to make sure none of the recipe ingredients or procedures conflict with medications you may be taking. Likewise, if you have any medical condition, disease, allergy or any other health issue, consult your doctor before using the recipe. Thanks, Thomas


If you can't take time off to detox, I recommend you follow a taper regimen using your drug of choice or suitable alternate -- the slower the taper, the better.

For the Recipe, You'll need:

1. Valium (or another benzodiazepine such as Klonopin, Librium, Ativan or Xanax). Of these, Valium and Klonopin are best suited for tapering since they come in tablet form. Librium is also an excellent detox benzo, but comes in capsules, making it hard to taper the dose. Ativan or Xanax should only be used if you can't get one of the others.

2. Imodium (over the counter, any drug or grocery store).

3. L-Tyrosine (500 mg caps) from the health food store.

4. Strong wide-spectrum mineral supplement with at least 100% RDA of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, Magnesium and Potassium (you may not find the potassium in the same supplement).

5. Vitamin B6 caps.

6. Access to hot baths or a Jacuzzi (or hot showers if that's all that's available).

How to use the recipe:

Start the vitamin/mineral supplement right away (or the first day you can keep it down), preferably with food. Potassium early in the detox is important to help relieve RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). Bananas are a good source of potassium if you can't find a supplement for it.

Begin your detox with regular doses of Valium (or alternate benzo). Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day. The goal is to get through day 4, after which the worst WD symptoms will subside. You shouldn't need the Valium after day 4 or 5.

During detox, hit the hot bath or Jacuzzi as often as you need to for muscle aches. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of hot soaks. Spend the entire time, if necessary, in a hot bath. This simple method will alleviate what is for many the worst opiate WD symptom.

Use the Imodium aggressively to stop the runs. Take as much as you need, as often as you need it. Don't take it, however, if you don't need it.

At the end of the fourth day, you should be waking up from the Valium and experiencing the beginnings of the opiate WD malaise. Upon rising (empty stomach), take the L-Tyrosine. Try 2000 mgs, and scale up or down, depending on how you feel. You can take up to 4,000 mgs. Take the L-Tyrosine with B6 to help absorption. Wait about one hour before eating breakfast. The L-Tyrosine will give you a surge of physical and mental energy that will help counteract the malaise. You may continue to take it each morning for as long as it helps. If you find it gives you the "coffee jitters," consider lowering the dosage or discontinuing it altogether. Occasionally, L-Tyrosine can cause the runs. Unlike the runs from opiate WD, however, this effect of L-Tyrosine is mild and normally does not return after the first hour. Lowering the dosage may help.

Continue to take the vitamin/mineral supplement with breakfast.

As soon as you can force yourself to, get some mild exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. This will be hard at first, but will make you feel considerably better.


ps: that l-tyrosine  is the business!!!!! Get it at a body building shop.

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by jlparsons, May 23, 2010
Hi guys My name is jordan and im 21 i am here to tell you my experiances with codeine. About a year ago i got taken in to hospital with what was diagnosed as SVT and Atrial fib which are heart arrithmia conditions. Im not goin go get into that but whilst i was in hospital the doctors gave me codeine due to bad headaches from my heart meds. so after experiancing them i found that my mum got prescribed them so i started to abuse them, pinch them from her and just abuse them. so i had them priscribed for my self. I only had 15mg codeine but i always took paracetamol with them but i would go threw a box of 28 in two days if i was good. I know this isnt no were near as bad as some people on here but it was bad enough for me. No one should have to depend on them but we do. The reason i am telling this story is because a codeine addiction is one of the worst thing we can get into, I would make sure i took a stack of codeine before i took my heart meds that keep me going, now how bad is that it is just plain stupidity. So people who read all these posts who think maybe they are getting addicted or they are addicted do your best to kick them. Be stong!
I am currently coming of them only been a day but i know i will never touch them again because i lost my girlfriend due to not being me. Im not looking for pity but now i got to look forward to coming of codeine accepting that i have heart problems at 21 and dealing with loosing my amazing girlfriend after 41/2 years. Dont let them take over you be stong because all that u might get a good kick out of them they will come back and kick u in the face and potentionly ruin your life.
I would like to get in touch with people coming off codeine. If anyone wants to chat feel free and email me at ***@****   Peace people and you can beat it!!!

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by jlparsons, May 23, 2010
Email is jordlp at

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by Rackwil, Jul 01, 2010
Hi guys, I would like to tell you about my battle with codeine addiction. I am 26 and first took codeine (Solpadol 30mg) off my mum when I was 18 for an agonising migraine. The pain went instantly and I loved the floaty feeling I got. Soon I was taking two tabs every now and again, which quickly increased to two every night to help me sleep, and before I knew it I was on 8 a day. I knew I had a problem but brushed it under the carpet and would convince myself of all sorts of reasons why I had to take them (back ache, tooth ache, head ache etc). I was getting married in May this year (my fiance knew nothing about my addiction) and once we were married we were planning on starting a family, so I knew I had to come off the tablets. I left it until 5 weeks before the wedding thinking I could just stop taking them whenever I wanted, but when I tried I had the horrible withdrawals (sweats, shakes, fever, insomnia etc). I realised I had to come clean to my fiance, which turned out to be the best decision I could have made. He was so supportive and urged me to go to the doctor. I firstly phoned a drugs helpline who advised not to do anything on my own as going cold turkey can sometimes do more harm than good. I went to the doctor the next day, who didn't think I had that much of a problem as I wasn't taking more than the maximum in one day. I didn't like this attitude as at the age of 26 there is no way anyone should be taking these strong painkillers every day for 8 years. He advised to cut the tablets down by one a week. I then saw another doctor as I wasn't really happy with the first one, and he advised the same. I then saw a third doctor the day before my wedding and told him I'd made the decision to go cold turkey on my honeymoon and get it over with. He was the best doctor I've seen and told me I'd have a miserable time if I went cold turkey. He prescribed me with codeine phosphate, which is the same as solpadol but without the paracetamol (which is what causes the liver damage) and gave me enough for 8 a day for 2 weeks & told me to try & go down to 6 a day then come back & see him. The first day of my honeymoon I went straight from 8 to 4 a day and didn't feel too bad apart from bad stomach cramps and diarroeha for a day. I then dropped down to 3 the next week and was fine. Because these tablets looked different to Solpadol, I think in my head I didn't associate them with my addiction, and didn't feel the need to take them. I wasn't counting down the hours til I could take my next dose, like with Solpadol. When I got home I stayed on 3 for a few days and couldn't get a doctors appt for another 2 weeks, so I ended up running out of the codeine phosphate and got some solpadol off my mum. As soon as I had the solpadol on me, the feeling of needing to take them came back and I went back up to 4 a day, then 6, then 8. At the doctors, I told him I was sure it was all psychological and I don't think I associate the phosphate with my addiction so it's easier to come off them. He prescribed me 6 a day for 2 weeks, then 5 a day for 2 weeks, then he wanted to see me again. Instead I went straight back down to 4 a day for a week, then 3 a day for a week. I was being quite snappy and emotional, but no major withdrawals. I went down to 2 for a day and was being really snappy and moody with my husband, and he suggested just coming off them altogether as I was just prolonging the withdrawals this way and every time I dropped down, I would be feeling miserable. So today is the 5th day of no codeine. The first three days I felt a bit rubbish but not too bad. I was still pushing myself to keep busy & doing lots of classes at the gym & feeling really positive. I had diarroeha but I can cope with that. Yesterday was the worst day when I got up and just had no energy whatsoever, I could hardly sit up. I felt a bit better today but still have moments where I feel terrible, no energy, bad back, head ache. I also haven't slept properly since coming off them. But luckily I haven't had the flu like symptoms I've had before, which is probably thanks to cutting down before coming off them completely.

I just keep thinking that not much longer and I'll be free from this terrible addiction that has completely taken over all of my adult life, and that if I give in now and take some tabs, I will only have to go through this again. I especially want to say to every other young person that is going through the same can get off them, but you need supportive people around you. If there is someone close to you who doesn't know about your addiction, please tell them. It takes a lot of courage but trust me, it is the best thing you can do. When I told my husband and then the doctors, it felt like such a weight off my shoulders and I instantly felt a million times better and more positive and that I could beat this. It is so much harder on your own and thinking like you're the only person going through this. I went for 8 years thinking I was some sort of freak, that there's no one else my age who has this addiction, but it is so much more common than people realise, and it is not something you should be ashamed about. Also, don't be scared to go to the doctors, they have heard so much worse things than this, and if you don't like the first doctor, keep going back until you find someone supportive.

To sum it up my advice is:
- Tell someone close to you...your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, best friend, anyone who you can trust.
- Go to the doctor and ask them to put you on a plan to wean off them, it is the same as giving up smoking (which I did a year ago), you have more chance if you use the patches/gum than trying to go cold turkey.
- Ask your doctor if there is a different type of codeine drug they can give you (eg, if you take codeine & paracetamol, ask for just codeine) because I'm sure this helps with taking the association away from the addiction. It worked for me anyway so it's worth a go.
- If you are planning a holiday, this is the best time to drop your dosage down, as you are keeping busy and in such a relaxed state of mind.

Good luck to everyone. I'll keep you updated of my progress xxx

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by Cassen1, Jul 21, 2010
Hi everyone,
I'm at home today on day 3 of codeine withdrawal, and have jumped on line because, to be honest, i'm feeling emotional and alone.  My story in a nutshell, I because addicted to N+ a few years ago from endometriosis, and after an operation took them for the pain (and prior to the op as well).  One thing led to another, and before I knew it, they were 'cheering me up', i tend to be emotional, think way too much, and they - well, level me out if that makes sense.  I knew they were becoming a problem, but put my head in the sand for months.  After about 1 year, i got married and we went on our honeymoon - but unfortunately i ran out of N+, and ended up on hospital with bad withdrawals -although honestly i didn't know that's what they were, very naive.  got home, had some more to feel better, and the cycle began.  After 6 months I went to get help, ended up on Suboxone, which is the worst thing i ever did.  hated it, had to go to the chemist every single day for my dose, and got to the point where i wanted out - cold turkey - and fast, so i did.  Cold turkey on Sub is far worse than N+, and i spent 1.5 weeks in a blithering, sick, delirious, painful mess.  Anyway, 6 months later, headaches came again (i get them a lot) and N+ fixed them, before I knew it am back on it again.  Only 6 x day which is great considering, however after 6 months it becomes a major dependency.  So, back to the doc - and i want cold turkey again.  Tapering does not work for me, i've tried and every time i end up upping the dose on a bad day.  I think what gets me the most is the restless legs, i can't keep them still, they ache, i feel like my legs are filled with concrete at the same time, no energy at all and it's really hard to act normal.  I have valium and sleep tabs to help, but careful that i'm not taking too many - plus i've only been given a week's worth than i have to get the next week's worth from the chemist.  all i want to do is sleep for 10 days and wake up feeling better, but i know i can't do tht.  I've had 3 days off work this week, and I'm dreading going back tomorrow, don't know how i'm going to function.  I've heard that day 3-4 is the worst, and it slowly gets better from there, is that everyone's thought?  I don't have a bath either to soak in, wish I did!

R8tor, may I ask you a few questions with your ideas of how to get off?  What is L-Tyrosine?  And what is the B-6 for?  And does exercise really help, given my legs feel like concrete but jittery and restless all at the same time?  I really apprciate everyone posting on here, I've been on a few sites and honestly, the candidness with which everyone has shared is really inspiring.  

Most of all, keep going everyone- it helps me to remember during the worst of it that i'm not alone, and we CAN all do this.  


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by pandak, Jan 30, 2011
im on first day of N+ cold turkey. Legs are aching already, vision is blurry, shivers are alive and kicking. I came of a 12 year heroin addiction 12 years ago, please tell me this isnt going to be that bad. What natural remidies can help?

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by princessjulieanne, Feb 22, 2011
I live in Canada, took my first dose of Mersyndol in December of 2003, which is acetemetophine/codeine tablets available over the counter. I know all the girls at the 3 pharmacies in town and try to work around their schedules so they only see me once a week. I average about 3 bottles of 100 per week.  In 2004 I lost my Mother and that is when it really got worse, I would dose up so much so I would basically sleep any time I wasn't working.  I have tappered quite a bit from taking 20 at a time to 8 and now down to 6.  I haven't taken any since last night at 8:00 pm,  I am just running a hot bath to soak in the jacuzzi and will take 2 of the tablets beforehand.  My head is beginning to ache and I'm hoping just 2 will stop the headache but still allow me to continue only taking as little as possible.  I feel for each and every one of you.  The worst of it is we didn't knowingly go into this.  I would never try cocaine, heroine, or street drugs and I have refused oxcontin when my doctor prescribed it because I was terrifed I would become an addict.  I just didn't think it was possible with an OTC medication.  Its such a shameful thing I feel as if I have done something so wrong, but not quite sure where it all went wrong.  Good luck and prayers for everyone going through this, knowing you are not alone really truly does help.

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by K_oz, Mar 12, 2011
My name is Kevin, I'm 32 and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been addicted to codeine for over a decade. I used to take 24 N+ tabs a time 3 times a day, then went cold turkey (it was pure HELL) and stayed clean for 2 years. I slipped up again and have been taking 500mg of codeine four times a day via a process called Cold Water Extraction that seperates the codeine from Iboprufen/paracetomol.

Anyway, I treid quiting again by tapering down and cold turkey but just couldn't handle the W/D symptoms. But right now I'm over 3 days into my detox and feel FINE - no joke. This time, I'm using a drug called Suboxone. I'm on a 7 day program to ease the W/D process and it seems to be working great! I was on 6mg for day 1, then 8, 6, 6, 4, 4, 2 then that will be all.

As I said, I'm late into day 3 (6mg suboxone) and my only symptoms have been a slight headache yesterday, some very slight aching in my joints today and the slightest of sweats - but other than that I feel great. I sleep fine, no restless legs (the two symptoms that have driven me to insanity in the past when I W/D), no cramps, no runs, no nothing.

I've posted my own post/question called "Codeiene Withdrawals made EASY!" if anyone wants to know more. I know that there are a lot of scare stories on the net about Suboxone but if used short term for detox, it seems to be fine. I'll be posting in my profile and on that post just mentioned so everyone can see my progress and if it continues to work - but I can't get over how normal I feel when usually right now i would be right in the middle of the worst part of my W/D symptoms.

Good luck Everyone!


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by bilebag, May 22, 2011
I been 30/500 addict 8-10daily since 2005,life revolves around them always waiting for a 4hr period to pass so you can throw another 2 down.Ive lost so much infront of my very eyes and only just realised and all due to this terrible addiction,being a husband and father of 3 young children being too tired all the time to involve myself in any activities no days out no holidays no much quality time spent with them all,they also affect my mood..there is no positives to taking them i get no buzz anymore just lethergy rebound headaches occasionally and dizziness.Im desperate to stop them as well as smoking cos of my heart trouble but know i cant stop both at same time which do i stop first i just make excuses all the time the pair of them..ive made huge effort with family this past 2months as it dawned on me as i lost the love of my wife cos of how i been,she has no idea of my gutted and so want out of this and start over again a new person a new personality etc and try repair the damage with my family i love dearly,i take beta blockers and these make me tired to begin with so im double tired,the smoking has to stop asap but which do i stop first im in such a dilema

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by Paswofracause, Jul 11, 2011
I'm on day 5 of Codeine withdrawal and I have to say that it's been an uncomfortable go at this.This isn't my first go round at withdrawal from this so I knew (dreaded) what to expect.  I tapered down from up to 20 or more T3's per day and then from there I went to 30 T1's per day when I ran out of  scripts of T3 and doctors to get them from. I'm starting to feel much better. No more sweating. Also I took Imodium for loose bowels because it was interfering with my life. My legs and back are starting to hurt less. I've been walking and biking all through this (slowly) and it seems to help work through the leg pain. The absolute worst for me is the restless legs, restless stomach (feels like butterflies). This is the most predominant at bedtime and I feel like I'm going absolutley insane. Last night I cried myself to sleep as I flopped arounf like a nervous fish out of water. This is the one thing that  in the moment is causing me to want to take more codien. I never would would however it's a serious thought at 1am when you are jerking around with thew "jitters" and crying about your inability to relax and be comfortable. Does anyone know how long this feeling lasts?? Thank you.

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by Slk2000, Nov 11, 2011
Hi guys
I just gave up solphadol about 18 hrs ago after taking about 10 tablets a day for 6 years. I have rumatoid Arthrites and was prescribed the drug for pain but am now addicted. Your stories are giving me the strength to know that I can get through this thank you all

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by doingwell81, Nov 14, 2011
Hi Slk2000,

Firstly well done for deciding to give up. Im currently on day 18 clean and definately see a big light at the end of the tunnel. The first week is the worst - all the withdrawal symtoms you have read will come but they pass within a few days and i think if you can get over that bit then your half way there. If your still off them now then you will know what i mean. What I found i was doing (especially in the first week but even up until a few days ago) was spending hours on the internet trying to find an alternative and to be totally honest if you wanna be fully clean then there isnt. The best thing to do is take things to ease the D&V and cramps etc but dont take anything which can cause addiction. The lack of sleep was the one thing that i couldnt bare but after day 8 clean i finally started sleeping again and now get at least 7 or 8 hours a night. Dont do too much and watch films, tv shows that will take your mind off things. Hot baths, tracksuits and slippers - it will pass i PROMISE just keep telling yourself you can do it. I found talking to friends and family about how i was feeling helped so maybe give that a try. I wont lie to you and say that even after nearly three weeks i feel normal because i dont but i feel so much better than i did. Keep going you will feel better soon. Take care, look after yourself and keep us updated :-)

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by Slk2000, Nov 18, 2011
Hi doingwell81
Thanks for your encouragement  I'm off the drug a week now. It was rough for the first 3-4 days and there were times when I didn't think I'd make it. But I held out and now the side effects are gone and I feel great. Never  going to take anything with codine in it again. Thanks again for all your words of encouragement

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by Jonesiejo, Dec 28, 2011
I am 45 days clean...under constant babysitting, which has included most family. Here is.what I take for the withdraws.  Magnisium/anxiety&stress   Potasium/restless legs&cramps   B12 to insure the absorption of L-Tyrosine/ importaint for bodys production of dopamine and norepinephrin. All these plus 50,000mg of vitamin C(Emergency brand_powder form in h2o)  its a little expensive at first to get all these, but it freaking works!!and they

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by Jonesiejo, Dec 28, 2011
I am 45 days clean...under constant babysitting, which has included most family. Here is.what I take for the withdraws.  Magnisium/anxiety&stress   Potasium/restless legs&cramps   B12 to insure the absorption of L-Tyrosine/ importaint for bodys production of dopamine and norepinephrin. All these plus 50,000mg of vitamin C(Emergency brand_powder form in h2o)  its a little expensive at first to get all these, but it freaking works!!and they do work.  This is comming from someone who spent almost 7 years thinking Percocets cured all.

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by CodeineFiend, Feb 23, 2012
Hi All, I've gotten myself horribly addicted to N+ tabs over the last 2 years.  Taking on average of 30+ per day (384mg).  Cold turkey makes me want to die.  I'm also a big drinker of over 18 standard drinks per day with my codeine.  

Just wanted to say thank you for all these comments.  I'm currently on 30mg Valium to counter the withdrawal from the grog but the sweating and hot flushes and insomnia (even with valium) is killing me.  I think I'm going to have to try and wean myself off the codeine as I run a small business and can't take time off.

Might try 10 per day for a week then drop to 8 per day and so on.  Wish me luck.

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by jjsa3, May 07, 2012

Makes unreal reading I have been taking 60mg of codeine Phosphate  4 times a day On and off now for 3 years I have successfully came off them for about 3 years on and off. But now I have stopped them this time I am suffering from Night Sweats I have lost over 1 stone in Ten Days because I caught a bad virus too. Ok I am not complaining now as I have lost enough weight to get back to what my normal body should be although my doctor was not as impressed as I was losing that much weight in such a short period of time. I was joking with my freind saying I should sell the virus tablets on E-Bay or to weight watching hahaha well got have a little laugh out of so much agony. Anyway I seem to be suffering now from constant night sweat don't seem to be able to shake it off. Any advise on what to take or do at night time to help with the night time sweats until I can kick these into touch I have stopped taking the tablets now but feel like I am being forced into re-taking them at time to stop the sweats I am going to take 2 vitamin b tablets tonight and have some Green Tea before bed see if that will help. Maybe do a search on E-Bay for tablets to help with night -time sweats a bit stuck now never been so hard to stop em before. Great forum here.


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by badboy40, Aug 23, 2012
My addiction was mainly over the counter codiene like panadiene extra and nurofen plus tablets at a rate of about 20 a day for the last 5 years. I'went cold turkey and at this point only really have the stomach cramps and diarrhea and I'm at the 4week mark. As a tip the 2 things that have made the side effects easier to deal with are Haelthy diet and very little junk food and the supplements tha were mentioned above. The other thing that hasnt been mentioned much here is I thought to myself whats the quickest way to get this out of my system and sweating was the first thing I thought of as I knew when on the stuff I would sweat a lot when doing minimal activities so I joined a gym. This helped heaps with the leg cramps etc as I am training 6 days a week doing weights with one body part a day and 35min on treadmill at walking pace. It took about a week for a lot of the side effects to almost disappear and i find if i dont train for about 3 - 4 days some of the side effects reappear but only mildly. Its just the stomach cramps and diarrhea that I still have but i have to give my body time. If you want to do what I have done remember to eat healthy and eat fruit (I have weight watchers canned fruit) to keep your energy levels up. its just another idea for those wanting to get of the stuff. Its amazing the fog that lifts from your brain when you get off it.

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by badboy40, Aug 23, 2012
Forgot to say these night time sweats is your body trying to get rid of the stuff thats why exercising and making yourself sweat it out at a greater rate halped me lessen the period of the side effects.

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by WantOutNow415, Aug 23, 2012
Hi All,

I am now day 9 c/t from taking N + (24 tablets a day) for 6 years.  Like everyone on here that has given up these evil pills I too have had the constant runs, hot and cold sweats, insomnia and anxiety.  Day 3-4 is by far the worst, but you start to feel better each day after that.  Once some of the physical symptoms start to dissappear your left to deal with all the pyhscological symptoms (mood swings, snapping at loved ones etc).  I have sort the help from the drug and alcohol section at the hospital to help me deal with these changes in moods.  Please be strong to the ones who have found the courage to give up, I know it is hard, but it can be done.  Try not to do it alone, seek help from someone you can trust, they will help you through it.  All the above stories have been inspiring to read and I wish you all the luck in the world through you withdrawals to coming out the other end and staying clean!!!!

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by damzil8, Oct 08, 2012
Wow this is a great post section. I have a 29 year old son who just informed me he has been taking around 20 or more codene pills a day, I thought he might have a problem when he would use my pills that I hardly ever use, for his aches and pains. Well he got my bottle of 90 and in a week he asked if I had more, then I knew, but thought, well maybe he is just selling them to get some extra cash.  .....yeah the wool was pretty thick over my eyes.  I love him and am here to help him get off them now.  He actually went to a rehab place for a week, to start the process, but when they let him out they did not finish the job....He was to have a appt. with shrink, they forgot to make it, so that got postponed for a weeek. Then they kept him on a med to help with sleep and his restless leg problem, but then let him go without any help at all.  He managed to stay off the codene but still smokes alot of pot to help get through this all.  My question is that ok.  I know it is hard, I can see the pain in his eyes and face, it really ***** to see someone you love sooo misereable...any thoughts on how I should help would be appreciated. He is at my house now for a week. He took two soma's today, and I got soooo upset, he could not walk he was sooo messed up, I took the bottle and threw them out.  He got them from a friend, without me knowing it...It's hard to do tough love when you don't know how you are to help them...Me

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by tess1980, Oct 11, 2012
Codein addiction is a hidden epidemic and is so common. I have been addicted to codein for approx 3 years. I was introduced to it when i was around 18, a friend said "ere have a couple of these" and thats when i first felt that warm relaxing feeling. I didnt develop a problem until i developed gaul stones at about the age of 28. The stomoch pains were icscruitiating and the doctor mis- diagnosed it 3 times. N+ were great for the pain but after i had the stones out, i found that i missed the codein feeling. I still didnt realize i had a problem, i would take 12 in one go and always on an empty stomoch as the buzz would be made stronger. Me and my mum booked a week away in Turkey and by this time i was on 24 a day. I actually was quite proud of myself that i had discovered Cuprefen + which had exacley the same ingredients as N + [12.8 Mg of codein] but were half the price. It was when we got to Turkey that i discovered how serious my problem was. On my second day i realized i needed to find a Pharmacy as i didnt bring anything with me, i had the shock of my life when i got there. The pharmacist placed a normal box of nurophen on the counter, i giggled and said",no + CODEIN. He looked at me and said " No Codein- only from doctor". My heart sank, and i thought ****! I had never gone a couple of days without them, how was this going to be!? was one of the best and worst weeks of my life. The best because thats where i met my now husband and one of the worst becuase it was my first taste of Cold Turkey. I had insomnia for the whole week,my skin was on fire,i couldnt was unbearable...but i had no choice, i also opened up to my mum about what was going on. She was appalled but was supportive. I had gone through all this but all i could think of was when i get back to england im going straight to the CHEMIST for a nice big box of codein. I promised my mum i would never touch it again. I actaully find staying off them hardee than getting off them. 1 year later and im still on them, but now im on around 65 a day. My tolerance for them just gets highed and higher. I am buying 2 boxes of 32 and i down them in one go - the danger of it dosent faze me. Me and my hubbie got married and we start trying for a  baby, after 6 months nothing is happeneing and i know that i am fertile,i also have a daughter from a previous relationship, so i start wondering why and it dawns on me. Surley all this codein and ibrubrofen cant be doing me any good,so i research it on the internet and i read that high doses of ibrobrofen will effect you fertility. I go to the GP and they set me on a course of just codein to wein myself down, i stick to it and finally im free. One month later i convince myself that one box wont do me any harm and before i know it im back on it full blown. This pattern goes on for another year. I cant explain how i can malipulate chemist's into serving me, the doctor has even pretty much washed his hands of me,and now im desperate,i want to stop but the fear of withdrawel fills me with fear. I remember how it was in Turkey and i really dont want to go through it again. I cant wean myself down becuase i know how greedy i can be with them and will always succombe to a bad day! I go to my Gp again and he tells me that he wont provide me with any codein and that basically im gonna have to go cold turkey. Me and my hubbie have a trip booked for the following week to stay in Istanbul with his family, so i decide to use this opportunity to get off them once and for all. I go prepared with Imoduim-sudofed-and i get some Zoplicone off the doctor as i suffer from Insomnia when i go there anyway. For 2 days I took 6 a day [from 60] and felt fine then i went cold Turkey [when i was in england the pharmacist said that its 3 days bad withdrawel, get the 3 days out the way and then its pretty much over] it was the worst week of my life, i had insomnia soooo bad, for me this is the worst because no sleep makes me MISERABLE!!! even with taking 2 zoplicone, i was still climbing the and cold sweats- no eating. Hald way through, my hubbie couldnt understand what was wrong with me, he took me on this long walk and i couldnt stop complaining was sooo hot and i was just sweating. We went and sat and had a cold beer and i decided to tell him everything...he was a bit shocked but incredibly supportive and said i was a little late in telling him but at least i had told him. He now understood what i was going through. On the last day i developed full blown flu- that was 2weeks ago and i have just got rid of the flu. Im ashamed of myself to admitt that i bought some yesterday and today. I physically didnt want them, its the physcological part that im finding sooo hard! i want to be rid of them soo much that i am contemplating going to the chemist to tell them to not serve me ever again! I know i am letting it take hold of me again. I amnangry at myself that i put myself through cold Turkey [and my hubbie to go back on them. I can only explain it like a little red devil is sitting on one shoulder saying goooo get box wont hurt have it under control and then the good angel on the other side telling me not to be sooo stupid! getting off them is tough but staying off them requires something special. I am determined not to buy any tommorrow. If i ever want another baby i have to stay clean..its as simple as that. Why Why Why are these sold so easily. You cant buy them in the states or Turkey so why here!? its open to such abuse. I hope i feel stronger tommorrow then i did today xxxx

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by DocLandis, Dec 11, 2012
Codine is a powerful narcotic and you really should not try to go "cold turkey" by yourself without the supervision of a Doctor.

While the withdrawal is by no means easy, there are non-physically addictive medicines that will help you stop taking the codine, and not put your life in danger.

While the physical withdrawal will be relatively short-lived, the psychological dependence is much more difficult to overcome, and is the cause of most relapse that occur after you have gone through the physical withdrawal.

I personally reccomend a support system.  In my experience a 12 Step solution of recovery was highly effective.  Surrounding myself with others that had experienced the same things I was going through, and feeding off of their hope, and success gave me the means to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.  They also supplied me with a means to be accountable.  I found it too easy for me to tell myself that "just a little to help me get through this", which invariably led to my full blown use all over again.  Being accountable to someone in the program who had told themselves the same lies, made it much more difficult for me to believe my own B.S.

Of course, I wish everyone the best success, and while I am NOT a doctor, I can tell you that the withdrawal from a narcotic taken at such high doses can be lethal.  It is certainly worth being honest with a professional, be it a doctor, or a recovery specialist.

One last note, the damage done to your liver by taking all that Ibuprophen is extreme, and irreversable.  Someone quoted some exhorbatant amount and said that it was an acceptable level.  It is NOT.   One more reason to work with a professional, and/or with the aid and assistance of a rehab.

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by hopefull371, Jan 09, 2013
Hi... All of your stories are so motivating...I am 76hrs into withdrawal from codeine.and finding it so hard. I've been on syndol/ pro pain plus for over five years 10mg codine and 450 paracetamol...I take 8 every day and sometimes have 30/500ml for extreme back pain and headaches..... Like I said I'm 76hrs in and not feeling good....panic attacks, insomnia and the headaches are bad too....can anyone advise how long these headaches may last and what I can take to sort them head still feels so foggy. Thanks

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by hopefull371, Jan 11, 2013
I'm now on day 5 of my wd... Headaches have eased but lots of spontaneous sneezing and anxiety still...will keep on posting

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by smyley, Jan 11, 2013
It might help to post here everyday, what you are feeling both emotionally and physically.
I am really interested in your journey.  

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by smyley, Jan 11, 2013
From what I can remember, my withdrawals lasted a couple of weeks at least but just one day at a time. After reading what everyone else has written, it may be well worth your while to go and see your Doctor and get something like Xanax or something similar. I chose not to because I felt like I had to do it the hard way AND  I didn't know that I could, I just didn't think about getting help. I just decided to stop taking it and just went from there. Thinking back, I think maybe that may have been helpful but I didn't want to replace one addiction with another.
The worst thing for me was the restless legs, I can't remember when they started but they seemed to last forever but it may not last as long for you because it doesn't seem like you were taking as much as me but maybe when it comes to withdrawals, its all the same.
Everyday it gets better but you have to do the hard yards and I think it helps you appreciate your addiction more and makes you think twice before taking anything with codeine in it again .

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by smyley, Jan 11, 2013
SORRY!!!, i wrote the second post out a couple of days ago but didn't realize that I didn't actually post it.

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by WantOutNow415, Feb 06, 2013
Hi All,

I posted my first post on the 23rd August 2012.  I can happily tell you guys that it has now been about 6 months and I am still nurofen plus free.  I feel so much better, I dont crave the horrible pills anymore.  If anyone would like any help or advice please feel free to post on here and I will do everything I can to try and help.  I finally have my life back after 6 whole years and I plan on keeping it that way.  I know I have a long way to go yet, but I am determined!!!

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by yetigrrl, Feb 28, 2013
I am day 1 of cold turkey from N+ 384mg per day. for 12 yrs well only the last 12m on 30 per day kept it at 20 per day for a  long time.i really want to do this and get my life back. your stories here tonight have been a great help. I am very frightened of relapsing. think I have I have liver, stomach, kidney damage....

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by wise1080, Mar 20, 2013
i haven't had codeine in 3 days stopped cold turkey and i feel terrible. i've had diarrhoea, cramps, headaches and cramps. I've gone from taking 20 x 30mg Codeine with 500mg Paracetemol tablets to nothing. Anyone know how long this is going to last? I'm about ready to start popping pills again if i can't find some other relief

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by wise1080, Mar 20, 2013
i should also add i have been diagnosed with severe clinical major depression and anxiety and panic disorder.. i take anti-depressents (Mitazapine) and 10mg of Xanax a day

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by sd2006, Apr 17, 2013
Anybody out there. Ive been on pain killers for 10 years im 32 years old 2 hours ago i took 8 nurofen pluses and then one hour late took 2x  50mg voltarens and im still awake !! I just wanna sleep and be pain free is this normal???

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by sd2006, Apr 17, 2013
I just took a valium 5mg now this is driving me mental!!! We are all going to die of liver failure :(

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by Maya888, Apr 25, 2013
3 years ago I had spinal fusion. I detoxified off of oxy and lortab  (that was hell). I've now been on codein prescribed by my doctor for pain. 8 x25 mg a day but  I've been taking 10 x25 mg a day for the past year. I went c/t, It's been 24 hours and all I have is diarrhea and lower back pain, pain where my surgery was. I'm a little shaky. But feeling good, as too what I expected. So hope this is the jist. I do have a prescrption for diazepam 5mg if things get bad, but so far nothing much. I wish you all the same! Ill be flying over sees in a few days. I have my codien with me, but I really want to stay off, forever! I feel, if I can break the very high doses of oxycoton and lortab I was on for 6 months ( with some doctors guidance) mostly my own, well  then  I can do this! The time is Now! Wishing all the best in recovery.

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by IQuitCodeineForGood, May 06, 2013
A success story...

I (and my wife) had taken codeine for 10 years, ramping up to about 60 12.8 mg tabs per day. Addicted as hell. Then suddenly I started losing weight, dropping from 100kk to 70 kg in a few months, and had intermittent stomach cramps. Then it happened, incredible pain at midnight, called ambulance, taken into emergency surgery at by 5am with three perforated ulcers in the stomach, with potential peritonitis (which can be fatal). Anyway, I came through it in 3 days, with catheter, 2 canulas and 4 tubes in my chest draining some vile fluid away. It was ibuprofen (which is in the Panafen max) that cuaed the ulcers. I survived, came home, and went cold turkey. Two weeks of sleeplessness and restlesslegs syndrome (which was excruciating). Then after about a month I was completely healed, with absolutely no desire for codeine at all, even though I still have to buy them for my wife! I haven't taken a single pill since 1st Feb 2013.  I feel ******* fantastic. its as though those 10 years are a blur, and even though I feel I lost that time, I'm making up for it now, living life to the max.

You can do it. The withdrawals do end. Get some temazepam / valium for sleep. Sleep on a towel to prevent the night sweats (which were incredible - pillow would be soaked each night for 2 weeks) from soaking your bed. Sleep a lot.

Oh, take Milk Thistle each day to protect your liver while on codeine. It really works (its even given as a remedy for paracetanol overdose).

Good luck. Its worth the pain.

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by argos40, May 31, 2013
hi everyone I have searched online for help, I have taken n+ for 10 yrs+ now and I am on day five clean,the restlessness in my legs at night drives me one knows I am addicted I am a mother of two children and my husband to be honest is no good, my mother sometime comes up and give me the tablets but she has no idea how many I take...and they would just brush it off if I told them, I feel so low over this I don't even know how I got to this stage all I can do is keep going and hopefully things get better from here........

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by argos40, Jun 01, 2013
day 6 and I have the weirdest feeling in my jaws, its like I want to grind my teeth away, still no sleep last night even though I took sleeping tablet I woke after about an hour with the restless legs and just agitated all eyes sting but my stomach seems to have setteled a bit, I hope this is a sign of things about to get better

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by freedomwanted, Feb 05, 2014
i got a viberating chair pad at walgreens but i also lays flat. i sleep wih it inbetween my legs at night. it trick my head ino thinking it's just theviberating of the pad instead of my restless les n muscle spasems. t also has a button for heat which helps me. also igot Kava-Kava pills at the health n herd store. it's a herb   not addictive, it's for anxiety n nerviousness n also is for restless legs. it helped me rest at night when i cldn't do to withdrawls.

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by Jockeygrrl, Jul 18, 2014
Hi I've been addicted for 6yrs. Just recently I admitted my problem to my mother and a close friend (funny tho they all knew) I've had enough and I could only describe this addiction as a prison sentence, something I have to have every single day or I cannot function and the trips Into the town to go around to the very few chemists that still sell it to me (for now).
I have become a person I hate as I have to lie all the time and make excuses to my family and partner, I've almost ruined all my relationships and I'm not the mother I should be to my beautiful 4yr old wee girl or the partner I should be to my man.
This has poisoned every single area of my life and I can honestly say all the issues I've had in the last 6yrs have all in one way or another come from my addiction.
I use to be a motivated,bouncy, fun happy person and now I'm physically and mentally tired all the time, I get angry often and the anxiety especially when I'm almost out of codiene is unbelievable !
I knew years ago I needed help but the feeling ashamed of my problem was what stopped me from seeking help.
I've tried the cold turkey thing many times but was too weak to continue and longest I got to was 4days and had all the W/Ds as mentioned above, I found the sleepless nights and RLS was the absolute worst!
I have seeked help from CADs and have another app on 25/07/14 then finally get to see the DR from CADs in the 31st for hopefully something to help me through the withdrawal side of things .
I'm so excited for the fact that I can see all the things I've missed out on in life while being held in the devils had and know that I am going to feel brand new and energetic again but at the same time so scared about the process at the same time.
I feel blessed that the brave people that have been through this before have cared obout others they have posted on this page to share experiences and give encouragement and support and tips on things that helped them.
For the first time in a long time I don't feel alone and that I am not the only one who danced in hell.
I know I am ready!, more than ready and I can do this,I give the many that did this through sheer guts going cold turkey (and also many by yourself) my highest admiration as I was just too weak.
I wish everyone the best of luck and hope you all manage to stay on the right path as life isn't easy and sometimes it's the reason we fail but please know we are not alone and if we fall, GET BACK UP! It's possible to succeed as so many have!
Thankyou for the posts as this has given me all the motivation I need to know I can do this!

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by jim123456789, Nov 29, 2014
how long does your rls last been trying to stop cant get past 1 week rls way to bad need help with it or a time frame so i can try stick it out. been using codine dor 8 years any suggestions would be appreciated,

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by weedguy, Jan 07, 2015
I've been taking Tylonol 1 and 3 and four. Basically any thing with codiene. Been on it for almost 15 years. I never took a pill for anything before that for even the worst injuries. I agree with everyone that says it's like you are going to die from withdrawls.  I wish I had never took even one pill. In fact I tried everything like gabapentin valium serax restoral to get of it. All that did was get me high. I didn't develop a dependant on those because there harder to come by and never could find them. But I did try marjjuna. Only trouble is weed is illegal. It helps me. In fact I believe it saved my life. I purchased and ounce and smoked my brains out thru the withdrwAl stage. My wife didn't like but at this point I didn't care. After about a month and a couple ounces later the urge to smoke weed went away. I still smoke a joint every day or two or three. But that's better than taking 50 pills a day. I pray for everybody that is suffering silence like me. I just want to be normal.

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by weedguy, Jan 07, 2015
I've been taking Tylonol 1 and 3 and four. Basically any thing with codiene. Been on it for almost 15 years. I never took a pill for anything before that for even the worst injuries. I agree with everyone that says it's like you are going to die from withdrawls.  I wish I had never took even one pill. In fact I tried everything like gabapentin valium serax restoral to get of it. All that did was get me high. I didn't develop a dependant on those because there harder to come by and never could find them. But I did try marjjuna. Only trouble is weed is illegal. It helps me. In fact I believe it saved my life. I purchased and ounce and smoked my brains out thru the withdrwAl stage. My wife didn't like but at this point I didn't care. After about a month and a couple ounces later the urge to smoke weed went away. I still smoke a joint every day or two or three. But that's better than taking 50 pills a day. I pray for everybody that is suffering silence like me. I just want to be normal.

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by weedguy, Jan 07, 2015
I'm not suggesting anyone to smoke weed. In fact I'm the opposite of the sterotypical type of stoner the general public sees. I'm a very hard working man. A family man. I but an ounce or two at a time from one person it lasts a month or two and I don't wind up going to places and dealing with very dangerous ppl. I guess I'm a criminal but at least I don't  sweat all nite. And I'm not joking when I say 50 pills a day. Sometimes more. I would travel 2 or three hours to find a supply.probably spent more on gas in a week than I spend on weed for a month. It really did save my life. I quite one time for 6 months. Without warning I took one ty 3. And loved it. An addict like me can't even have a crumb of one pill. Now my wife is slowly getting on side about the weed. Hopefully it will be legal soon in Canada.  

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by nursegirl6572, Jan 07, 2015
You would be better off posting this on the forum, as many people will not see this (if you're looking for input that is).

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by confusedgirl28, Jan 10, 2015
Hi all pls peeps I need help I've been on diyhracodine for about 5 yrs now and j hate it and want to stop so badly an all docs do is try and reduce them I must take about 90 a week I have 2 ppl tht I get them off aswell as my own I get 42 on a Monday n take about 30 and keep rest 4 nxt day then don't get more till the Friday sum time during waiting till the Friday I get diarrhoea and really bad stomach cramps n restless legs even wen I take them I don't sleep nobody apart frm ppl I buy them frm knw n the doc I have amazing husband and amazing kids n feel so lonely I also get 60 gs off sum1 once a month I've been getting g really bad pains in my lower back at sides sharp stabbing pains I look like ******* **** red bloodshot eyes and big black circles my husband thinks it's off my tablets 4 my epilepsy which I'm sire was caused frm them I sent want 2 go through the cold turkey bit as can't handle stomach cramps  but now I'm so sos scared incase I've done anything to my liver n kidneys with the pains I'm getting in my lower back side n scared **** less incase stopping them will cause damage pls sum1 help me who has finally come off the bastards who  was taking roughly same amount as me how doctors r alOundle 2 prescribe these horrible things tht get u addicted in matter of weeks I need sum1 2 help me beat this so wen I'm having really bad day there's sum1 there I can message n keep me determined 2 not down any please sum1 help I'm so so scared incase I die frm them xxx

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by Tykes, Jan 14, 2015

I started in withdrawal from dihydro codeine (Cold Turkey) the middle of August 2014 following an operation (Mans op) and the acute symptoms lasted about 5 weeks. My doctor said they should end in two weeks but it depends on how long you have been taking the tablets.  I had been taking the tablets for 34 years and he admitted for that length of time they are guessing as to how long the symptoms last and what symptoms you get..

When the initial symptoms finished ( the diarrhoea lasted until first week in December) I was left with really bad fatigue, all that helps is exercise.  You need to get your body to start producing the chemicals that helps your muscles to exercise, don't buy supplements they don't work.

Best advice I was given was to take the withdrawals an hour at a time, find something that occupies your time for an hour then rest then find something else to do, don't become fixated of dates, just keep thinking about what to do for the next hour..

Try not to watch television when the symptoms are bad, I used my Ipod to listen to music and it helped to calm me down and take my mind off the aches / pains / feeling sick / anxiety attacks.

Take Loperamide for the diarrhoea and I used Lanes Quiet Life tablets to help with the anxiety attacks and sleeping at night.

Eat small meals or snacks, big meals made me feel sick.

For the restless legs I used a device that massages you in the bath by pumping air into a mat that you lay on, it was the only thing that worked.  Use it for half an hour before you go to bed, it was marvellous, no jumping legs.

Drink lots of water to help your body get rid of the toxins.  Take lots of showers / Baths, they help with the sweats and joint pain.

For the insomnia, you can take 3 Lanes quiet life at night, you can buy them in UK and EU but not certain about US.

I had really bad dreams for the first weeks but nothing helped with them.  The Codeine dampens down your emotions so when you stop taking them you become over emotional.  You will cry like a baby and you won't know why.

The thing you have to keep telling yourself is that each hour you go without taking the tablets, you are getting closer to being rid of them, it does feel like hell on earth but you can do it.

Now I'm left with the post acute symptoms, poor sleeping and memory loss.

The strangest thing is I was taking the codeine for Psoriatic Arthritis and the pain was getting worse but since coming off the tablets I've had no pain.  I may have been taking the tablets for years when it was the codeine creating the pain.

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by DragonflyBlue, May 01, 2015
Hi everyone,

I was prescribed Cocodamol 30/500 12 years ago after I had a slipped disc and then back surgery. I thought that if I took no more that the 8 tablets a day I would be fine. How wrong could I be!

I managed to come off the 30/500 a few years ago, but for the last 3 years I've buying the over the counter 12.5/500 ones that you can get here in Australia. Again, I fooled myself into thinking that this would be much better and hey! you can buy them without prescription so it must be ok! ....

It dawned on me 3 days ago that I have been taking codeine solidly for 12 years and it doesn't matter how much the dose is, my body is so used to it. So I stopped.

I'm now on day 3 of withdrawal and feel awful - headaches, achy limbs, nausea, constant diarrhoea. When will things improve?! and I am terrified that I have damaged my body (although I had blood tests a couple of years ago and all liver function etc was normal) I hope I have been lucky. These pills are so dangerous - people don't realise until it is too late :-(

Any advice would be great

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by DragonflyBlue, May 01, 2015
also, I meant to ask about weight gain - my addiction has led me to gain weight steadily in that time and its been impossible to shift it. I've read a lot of comments about people saying codeine can cause this, is this true?

and those that have successfully withdrawn, does the weight come back off?

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by stix123, Jun 14, 2015
How long do the withdrawals last my mums on day 3 of goin cold turkey and shes havin all the above symptoms

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by Jp0025, Sep 18, 2015
Hi all.  On day 4 clean.  Not sick anymore but just don't have any desire to do anything.  How long does this last ??  Will I ever feel better ??

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by Misscj, Feb 23, 2016
I was taking Panadine forte since I was 24 and now I'm 40... I started using oxys on top of the codeine.. Don't no y I started in the first place.. Guess the feeling of being high & totally relaxed... Well 8 days I've decided to go totally cold turkey.. Mind u it's been the 5th time I've done this but this time is different..!the withdrawal symptoms have been the worst I've ever had .. I suppose moving codeine & oxys is a double whammy... I'm still on the roller coaster ride & suppose will b for the rest of my life.. But I've finally throwing myself back into the gym & walking ..must say hurts my leg cramps like hell but if I can sweat all the chemicals out of my body the detox time might not b as long.. Also have really hot baths with radox in it.. Hav the bath as hot as u can take it and omg!!!! It works with the cramps .. The going to the toilet all the time which is a pain in the arse.. Lol
I feel 60% better then wot I did 8 days ago.. As they say take each day as they come.. Also wot helps me r those new adult colouring books.. If u can take ur mind off all the withdrawal symptoms at least u might get 30 mins to an hr of pain free.. Last thing don't sit around feeling sorry for urself .. I did that the first 2 days and it just made the withdrawals worse.. Get up do a little bit of house work.. And thing too wearing those pressure stockings.. They r fantastic.. I hope some of these ideas help people with their withdrawals.. Chin up everyone.. We r all human & all hav demons to over come.. And we will do it
❤️To u all & think positive.. Xxx

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by Qldgal28, Mar 12, 2016
I just got a new job which requires me to be drug free codeine has been the thorn in my side now for 16 years! I have stomach troubles and I am always more concerned about where the next chemist I can. Is it. I have been trying cold turkey but I have been slipping and finding each day incredibly difficult, today I have taken one 15mg, it's a bit better than 40 a day!!! My back is so sore I have some herbal tables for the inflammation and went for a massage l. My head hurts and I have been nearly vommiting. I will be taking two days off work to try and cope but at the moment everything seems so difficult and maybe I should have just kept with my old job so I cups still take them. However I have thought how awesome it is that I am not concerned about going to a chemist and how much money I need for the rest of the week.l, to buy the pills. I can't just walk into the dr and ask for something or even talk about this with anyone because I risk losing my job! The other half knows and is supportive to a certain degree. How long will it take before Iam completely not dependant on this crud? I am finding that I don't know who I am am or if I will change ? You if I can function?! I want to finish hurting!

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by Purple6, May 07, 2016
I have been taking codeine 30mg 8-12 tabs at my worst, for about 6 years. When my Dr prescribed them I wasn't told they were addictive. Anyway over the years they stopped being a pain reliever and began being about making me feel warm inside and giving me that high feeling which became harder to achieve, I've only ever taken them orally thank goodness. I was getting 300 tabs a month on prescription. I finally decided to quit after I wasn't able to able to get my last prescription from the chemist due to them not having enough stock, which meant I run out of my pills and the withdrawals set in. I have forgotten what it feels like to be normal, I managed 12 days cold turkey I now realise why people people put it off. Anyway I couldn't take another day like this and went to my Dr who tapered me down prescribed 15mg 2 tabs a day for 5 day then 1 tab for 5 day, I have 2 more tabs left to go. My energy levels are so low every thing feels like such an effort, my partner has been somewhat supportive but doesn't truely understand! I cooked dinner yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks for my daughter. Physically I just want to feel normal, I have bloating, cramps, wind and the diarrhoea is still present, and lack of a good night sleep is still elusive.

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by possiadian, May 12, 2017
Hi All,

I am from India and reading all these blogs , I started codeine with my friends in form of cough syrup ,initially for 4 years I use to drink 1/2 bottle of rexcough ,biorex , but from last 2 years I started consuming 3 bottles every day , one night I felt pain in chest at that moment I decided to quit ..

Journey was very tough I admitted everything to my father he helped me lot ,first week it was hell loose motions ,anxiety,
fast nerves everything was there I started few ayurvedic medicines and started consuming distilled cow urine which helped me flushing everything out I visited temples for peace , after month I am feeling normal but still I have bad stomach and cramps but my addiction was gone , i am consuming librax and gutwin for repairing my stomach , i use to be bodybuilder but this addiction ruined me in all sence now after coming out from it i feel very relax and full of life ,anyone who needs help can email me on ***@****

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