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Much needed time off

May 02, 2012 - 5 comments

I just got back yesterday from a much needed vacation. I went to NJ to my cousins wedding. I haven't seen my cousin in 17 years since my parents moved me to FL. I love it up there the weather is so cool and crisp. I made some huge strides over this past week one of them being the plane ride. I am not afraid to fly. I am just afraid of having a panic attack on the plane which I did. It was a big one. First off all day I was anxious just nervous all day. Then when we got to the airport I was a full blown mess. We were waiting at the gate and my heart was pounding so hard. I felt like I wanted to run away.

     When we were walking down that little hallway to get on the plane I couldn't see straight my head felt like it would explode which eventually gave me a headache. I was shaking and had derealization so bad i felt like I was floating. I thought for sure I was going to lose it when they sealed up the plane and started off. I didn't though. Once I realized that nothing was going to happen I started to calm down. I felt a little dizzy when the plane took of due to the motion.

     I got to NJ and had a great time. I overcame a lot of anxiety on this trip and am really proud of myself. The way back was a breeze I acually fell asleep on the plane on the way home. Since I have been back though my wife and I have been fighting. It's back to reality I guess. As for my anxiety it is backing down quit a bit. I will continue to take one day at a time and today was a good day.  

    If there is one thing I can say to anybody with anxiety is face your fear and never run from your anxiety.It is so rewarding. If I didn't face my anxiety and get on that plane I would still be living in fear here at home. Mt confidence is very high right now and it feels really good.

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by jackie722, May 03, 2012
Hey there...I also used to have panic attack n stuff...and I got to a point where I couldnt handle it anymore...Anyway Ive been On CILIFT for the last couple of years...and its really helped me tremendously...!!
That feeling of losing control is horrible - even thou you trying hard to be positive.....etc....

Keep strong and good luck

Still to this day I have no idea what caused my panic attacks xx But Im free from them with the help of that Cilift...I should actually stop taking it as Im fine now...but then again I dont want to go through that again x

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by margypops, May 03, 2012
More often than not it is our thoughts making us feel bad, I expect you wre thinking and focusing on some negatic thoughts when you panicked. i read a book a few years back that helped me ..Its by Richard Carlson 'Slowing down to the Speed of Life'  he says in it ...Its Impossible to experience any negative feeling without first creating a corresponding thought' 'The Truth is , our thinking will always create the reality we perceive"   Try switching off and distracting your self when you find your thoughts dwelling on worries and concerns, focus your mind on what you are doing at that time can be done .Good luck not easy I know ..

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by sandstone27, May 03, 2012
Hi bigitalian  -  sounds like you chose the fight instead of the flight (well sort of, as you DID get on a plane, but a different kind of flight altogether).  

Panic can be a disabling problem, I had panic issues when I was 22 - it's been about 5 years now.  I sought therapy and along with medication we did biofeedback which gave me the tools to cope with anxiety and panic.  I tapered off of the medication and haven't had any real issues since.  The biofeedback was a huge help;  you can also try meditation, or audio tapes that teach relaxation techniques.  They really do make a difference.

Sounds like you had a great vacation.  

Good luck to you..


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by aheart, May 03, 2012
"Courage is the mastering of fear, not the absense of fear"  Good for you!! That's how we tell our anxiety whose boss.
Richard Carlson help so many people with their anxiety! It's good to pick up the books every once in a way just to refresh.
                                                                                          Congrats on your victories!

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by edgyboy, May 04, 2012
Hey Big Guy, Good job! I am proud of you.


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