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What happened before I died...

May 02, 2012 - 0 comments









pain under rib cage

I went to doctor on Saturday because I had frequent urination, especially that morning. The doctor said wbc's high but not sure infection was there. Urine looked clear. He prescribed Cipro and another med that helped burning w urination. On second day of dosage, I began to feel like I was losing my breath. Had trouble getting air. The next day seemed better. On third day, trouble breathing again. I cannot get enough air, yawning alot. I think I'm dying. :(
...April 03, 2012

Just to update. My breathing problem has seemed to dissipate suddenly. I had no breathing issue all day. My results came back from doctor for blood tests/urine test..all fine and those that should be negative are negative, so all good so far. I can safely say I'm not dying of AIDS today or living with HIV. *(Sigh of relief)...I have been having flank pain, very vague, and off and on. Doctor said that is not from an enlarged spleen or liver. Apparently, I am negative for C. difficil also which I thought might have caused my SOB. Not the case. Still don't know what is causing my health issues..I have more going on then mentioned here. One of which started with ear infection and sinsitus and won't go away.  Apr 19, 2012

Update: I have had a few more incidences of breathing problems and still having right flank pain or under rib pain. I went to ENT to check out ear and sinus problem. Dr. prescribed Azithromyacin, which seemed to clear up the remainder of sinus problem. I scheduled appt w my internist, and he checked my oxygen level and lung function. All 100% good. He said he isn't sure why I am having breathing problems with 100% oxygen. He ordered an x-ray of my lungs to check for obstruction. I will get results back in a couple of days. The negative result for C. Dificil is not valid because the test was not done after all bc the nurse forgot...(?)...I will need to give "sample" to lab to check for that problem in near future.

My doctor is checking into a few things, but he wants to check for possible lung disease first. I thought peptic ulcer was a possibility as well. Also, even though I thought I might have had a kidney or bladder infection, there was no evidence of that. A doctor prescribed antibiotics anyway. I don't have a history of UTI's actually. In fact, I have rarely been sick in my life until this started happening.

Ironically,while doing the Kapalbhati pranayam breathing, I realize how narrow my sinus cavity really is. My ENT ordered a CAT scan of my nasal cavity to check for polyps and found that my sinuses are very narrow in one turbinate. It does make nose-breathing much more difficult. I think I often breathe through my mouth to compensate for this problem, especially at night or when I am having the SOB issue. Just wanted to note tha..May 02, 2012.

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