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need some advice

May 03, 2012 - 4 comments

My c-section has been scheduled for June 13th.  My last day of work is June 8th and I work from home.  I am really starting to get very uncomfortable now - I'm completely exhausted too.  I do not get paid maternity leave or eligible for fmla - so its only short term disability of 12 weeks.  I'm worried about money and stopping work to early - but am I pushing it now?

My feet and ankles are swollen - bp is normal and dr. says its just normal edema but still its uncomfortable . I can't get into any of my shoes/slippers at this point.  

I seem to have about an hour of energy a day and I try to do what I can in that hour.  Today I finished up the thank you cards from the shower and I could literally go to bed.  But I start work today at 3 so trying to stay awake.  

So ladies what do you think I should do at this point? Thank you for your help!

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296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, May 03, 2012
I worked up until the day I gave birth with all 3 of mine.  I am a second teacher and not in great shape.  I would work as long as you possible can so you can spend more time with the baby after birth.  I had one natural, one emergency C and one VBAC.  I think you can do it.. it is amazing what we can do.... good luck.  Again if you can afford to take the time now.. I am all for it.. but I know I couldn't

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, May 03, 2012
I think you can do it. More time with the babies once they arrive. I worked til I delivered of course I only had 1. I say let the house and other things go there will always be time for that. Rest while you can so you can work til you deliver :)

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, May 06, 2012
If you can take some time off I would do it as it's so busy when baby arrives! I had planned to take 3 weeks vacation prior (had saved up and had not had vacation in a long time) but then I needed to be induced a month early and my OB took me off work so it counted as sick days until she was born, then mat leave (sorry to say we have 1 year here in Canada). So, perhaps if you talk to your OB and tell her how you're feeling you can take some sick time so it won't affect your mat leave. Keep us posted!!

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, May 09, 2012
Thanks ladies.  I changed my last day of work to May 30th.  I really want more time after the boys are here, hopefully I will be able to get through the next few weeks!

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