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Annoyed with Doctor at 12 week U/S

May 03, 2012 - 4 comments

I have been very anxious for this u/s today because at my 8 week appointment the doctor said that if everything was ok with the babies at 12 weeks, then most likely everything will be ok with the pregnancy. My OB's office has 7 doctors and they want you to see all of them. I saw a new doctor today and she plain had me depressed when I left.

First off, the babies looked ok, what I could see of them and she said they were ok.

I had the very first appointment of the day and the doctor arrived about 10 minutes late. I don't know if she was rushed because she was trying to make up the time or if she is always this crabby. She started the u/s and said, "I see two sacks." Not babies but sacks. Since that is all they saw was a sack when I had my m/c in June, this made me a little nervous so I immediately asked if she could see the heartbeats. This question appeared to annoy her and she said, "Well hold on, I'm still looking." She then turned the monitor towards me and when I lifted my head to look she told me I had to keep my head down. I couldn't see the greatest, but I could see the two babies. She then pointed to the first baby and showed me where she could see the heartbeating. Then she said the 2nd baby was moving around like crazy so it had to have a heartbeat. I asked her if they were a good size. This questions also seemed to annoy her and she said, "Well, they look pretty normal size to me but I am just checking for a heartbeat." She then turned the monitor back towards her and then about a minute later she turned off the machine and told me we were done. She never told me how big the babies were or whether their heart rates were normal and after she got annoyed by my earlier simple questions I was afraid to ask. Unlike the doctor at my 8 week appointment, she never pointed out the different features of my babies and she did not give me a u/s picture. I had also wanted to know if my ovaries where still enlarged but with my shock at her attitude I was afraid to ask any more questions. She didn't ask if I had any questions. She just said a quick good bye and left  my dh and me in the room. I left feeling relieved to see my babies, but not feeling 100% reassured that their sizes and heart rates were in the normal range.

My next appointment with my ob's office is in 4 weeks on May 31. I will be seeing my regular doctor that day and I intend to tell her my feelings about this doctor. I will make sure I don't ever see this doctor again.

I am thankful that I have an appointment next week with the maternal fetal specialist for my 1st trimester screening. I know they do a totally different kind of u/s but at least it is another opportunity to see my babies again soon.

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1679244 tn?1375241559
by midget89, May 03, 2012
That is horrible that they treated you that way!!!! ATleast you know your babies are ok, keep your head up. Im sure everything will be okay!!!

2136621 tn?1355121987
by jackie722, May 04, 2012
What a B*tcH....... Some people should not be in the professions they choose.....
I wish you everything of the BEST by the way...and glad you seeing someone else hun!

Keep us posted ;)

291233 tn?1347297526
by sbumblebeeo, May 04, 2012
I don't know about you but I have had the WORSE luck with female doctors.  My male primary doctor is fabulous and I've never been treated that way but the u/s lady that did my lastscan was horrible too.  I am sorry that it went so badly you don't deserve that.  What crap.

1591611 tn?1485972086
by Vency, May 04, 2012
What a horrible experience.  Liks Jackie said, some people should not be in their chosen professions.  Did no one discuss the results with you afterwards?  That's not the way most offices do it.

Not to worry, when you go see the perinatalogist, they should have better equipment, so you should see the babies better and you can even ask them to turn on the audio so that you can hear the heartbeats.  They will definitely provide more details, but the sonographer may not answer your questions, so you can save them for the doctor instead.

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