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Brother with MS=wife hospitalized

May 04, 2012 - 5 comments










  My sister-in=law Sherry, who is 65 and takes care of three different people. My brother Kim who has MS, her mother whom is 89 something and her mothers sister! She went to the hospital last night unable to breath. They put her on a ventolater and ran a million tests & want to keep her a few days to see what the roblem is. She does everything for everybody else and her body finally said WHOA! Sherry came around in a few hours and was last heard to have written "take this tube out of me I want to go home now" The docs have other ideas. lol I'm supposed to go visit them on the 14th but if they keep her I am going to go earlier to help her out. I'm sure it was exhaustion and stress.She really needs a rest! If she collaspes she won't be any good for anyone. My brother is 65 and was struke down with MS so bad, he has the worst case and needs assistance very much every day. He has trouble getting up and down in the bathroom. Has way to much dignity or indepence to wear depends (and I don't blame him!!)
   I just called his son Chuck and he says that I don't need to come, they have 15 grand childern and between the lot of them Kim will be taken care of just fine I'm so glad for that. My one nephew Chris's family is a mine, hers & ours family of 12 I think. I got the number for the hospital that Sherry is in so I will call soon and give her a hard time ha-ha I'm so glad she's resting, she works so hard for everybody else that she forget that she has to take care of herself too. So that's my morning. Taked to my sister Brenda and she can't wait for me to get there, I feel the same way!!

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by margypops, May 04, 2012
awww Darla I so hope Sherry is okay she sounds like a wonderful caregiver, ...I will be praying for her recovery today and also your brother  .its good they have a lot of family to help...Hope you enjoy yourself at your sister Brenda's is it out of state?

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by aheart, May 04, 2012
Thanks Margy, I talked to my sister Brenda, she my big sister this morning, we are pretty sure its just exhaustion and stress and she will be good in a couple of days of rest much needed. Yes my sister lives in Lexington, Ky right in the middle of all those beautiful horse farms so when I get back I should have some beautiful pics to share. My sister always goes first class with everthing she does so I will be spoiled to death there. We will stay up late watching movies we love and eating healthy yummy things. After two days we will pile into her car and drive up to Allen Park Michigan to see my brother Kim. Luv4U2 Darla

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by Lulu54, May 04, 2012
I sure hope this story has a happy ending for everyone.  It does sound like your sister's body threw a big tantrum about all the stress and overworking.  Hopefully the doctors will impress her with that message.

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by aheart, May 04, 2012
Thanks Lulu, we just got the diagnosis this morning it was conjestive heart failure. They gave her Lasix and blood thinners that will prevent a heart attack.Poor Sherry just has to slow down so all those grandchildern they have must help with all the older folks of the family. I will ask my brother and Sherry if they need me to help I will leave tomorrow.
Sherry feels better now and wants out real bad. She is a smoker and she needs to quit. She will have three days under her belt cause she can't smoke in the hospital so I pray she puts them down for good now. She really needs to take care of herself now, its a real dilemia. Please keep Kim & Sherry in your prayers.

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by opus88, May 04, 2012
poor Sherry sounds like she's had the weight of the world on her shoulders....I'm afraid she's gonna need more than rest aheart, congestive heart failure is pretty serious stuff..she's going to need the help now.
sending you all my prayers dear......♥

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