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Reliv drinker/distributer

Feb 02, 2008 - 1 comments

I bumped into this sight because I saw questions about Reliv. Reliv is a natural product that has all vitimans and minerals that the body needs it also has 8 natural herbs added. I have met many people with many conditions that have been helped with Reliv. Reliv is not a medicine but a product that should be taken as a vitamin it helps the body perform it job. I have met Diabetics, people with heart condtions, higgh blood pressure, a lady that had polio and nopw walks my sister that was watching tv and thought she was wearing her contacts, and can go on. It has helped me personally in clearing a cyst that was formin on my cheek. This cyst would have been my 7th cyst. One I still have, 3 were surgically removed, two I removed by myself when I worked at a health food store and I mixed 10 herbs and wet a cotton ball and they disappeared I never thought of saving the ingredients since I was young and thought it was available anywhere and the owner lost the list. When I took Reliv I took it because I knew my body needed it. I was amazed that the cyst disappeared and circulations in my arm disappeared too. Reliv is aproduct who has helped many with their health. It has also helped them financially. Robert Montgomery is over it and it is 20 years old. He said who ever helped him share this with people he will spoil them He has kept his word. There are two doctors that at first strongly refused to take the product and now have quit their jobs to become distributors because it has covered their income.  

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by Lety1, Feb 02, 2008
Correction Robert Montgomery is not 20 the company is 20 years old.

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