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Please HELP ME!

Oct 23, 2007 - 4 comments

I just found out I'm pregnant, but i have been on a rollercoaster with my cervix!  Last year, (Sept. 06) I had a abnorml pap, in Jan 07 i had
a co-po done and everything was fine. I go in for a follow up in Aug 07 and the pap is abnormal again.  So i do another co-po, and it comes
back that i am at CIN-2, bordering CIN-3.  So i was scheduled for a LEEP on Nov. 13th, but I just found out that I am pregnant last Saturday.  
Can I still do a LEEP? Since the abnormal cells developed so fast on my cervix, my doctor says we have to come in to talk about
my "options", but I know what that means, and I am not happy about it!  
Is there any hope in keeping this baby and not developing cancer?  Help me please!!!

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by Mixxi Mornix, Oct 23, 2007
i am not knowledgeable of circumstances like yours but I did do some research and hope this gives you some insight...I know you must be so sad with worries and more...pray and thin as positive as you can, please. Stress is not a good addition to the situation at hand...

After Leep Pregnancy
After leep, pregnancy early termination can result in treating HPV symptoms, as also with cone biopsy. A woman may develop an incompetent cervix following this procedure, which means her cervix is weakened and she may have problems conceiving or carrying a baby full-term. Cervical stenosis, which is closing of the cervix by scar tissue, can also happen. This can cause conceiving problems.

Leep And Pregnancy
The procedure called a leep and pregnancy are not recommended, it is best to just have noninvasive treatments done when a pap smear shows signs of verruca viruses. The procedure is done within 20 or 30 minutes. After the operation, a woman should have no sexual intercourse for a period recommended by her doctor. Vigorous exercises, swimming, and hot baths are also counter-indicative. Such complications as inability to carry a baby to term are rare, but should not be performed while pregnant.

here is a forum with a woman posting a similar question:

And here is a link to a midwife's response:

282544 tn?1218928737
by Mixxi Mornix, Oct 23, 2007

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by queen07, Oct 30, 2007
l had the same procure done 3 month ago, my sex is horrible now, l dont get wet and l wish l would not have the leep done...good luck

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by wishingforamiracle, Oct 28, 2008
Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your cervix and being scared about your pregnancy. I kinda know where you are coming from. I had a pap when i was pregnant that showed abnormal, but they were not able to do a colposcopy because i was pregnant. I ended up miscarrying at 17 weeks and right after found out that I was very close to cervical cancer. It was a very hard time, and it's true what they say when it rains it storms. Just wanted to let you know there have been others in your situation. If i can help out in any way, let me know!

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