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Day 10 & 11

Oct 23, 2008 - 1 comments

my kids






my boyfriend

DAY 10/ Well I didn't really do a journal yesterday (day 10) cause it was my anniversary so I was busy, I had a good day yesterday! I woke up feeling good no vertigo, sadness or anything!!!

DAY 11/ Well today was great!! I finally got to see my kids after almost 2 was a great time cause I was able to have the three people I love the most (Kids & BF) within reach!! I was so proud of myself cause when I was on Tramadol I took more when my kids were here to give me that extra boost! today I had zero!!! I felt fine, we played cars & went outside for a bit and all, so it was a great time...All I have to say is It clean I want NO TRAMADOL, not even & urge...I have found music is my new thing...I forgot how much I loved music....& no more sweating!! when I was on Tramadol I would sweat just sitting here & I mean BAD...not any more though...Im so happy!! Thank you Lord

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by corey411, Oct 23, 2008
Congrats on day 11. Glad you are feeling better. You will hit some bad days from here out but know that that is normal and it keeps getting better overall. Hope you had a great time with your family. God bless. Corey

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