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lung and heart and fatigue

I am 53 .  I have small nodules in my lungs .  Also scattered empazema (told mild) .  Last year after a chest infection my lungs show some scarring in one lung.  Been having CT scans for a couple years on lungs to see if big changes but pulmonary doctor does not notice big changes.  
My health in over a year has declined.  I am very fatigued.  July of 2007 I had a pace maker (2 leads) inserted for SSS.  I been on oxygen most of time since June of last year.  Quit smoking in June last year after being a smoker for 40 years.  1 to 1 1/2 pack a day smoker.
I have arm; and neck pain with exhertion .  Chest to.  Just walking stairs I feel pain.  My quality of life has declined tremedoustly in 2 years.  
I had a stress test this week.  Because my oxygen level (saturated oxygen) during test went from 97 to 88 the heart doctor said this is a lung issue and not a heart issue.  My lung doctor feels that the symptoms of pain with exhertion is not related to lungs because my pulmonary tests are not so bad he says.  Just walking my oxygen goes down.  It goes down more when in pain.  I have had it go as low as 82 that I know of.  
Heart doctor says I have angina but this is due to lungs not heart and lung doctor is to help me with this.  I am confused since angina is a heart problem.  My father passsed away when he was 56.  He was treated for angina for 7 years

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by Jessi63, Feb 02, 2008
I think I would get second opinions on both.  My sis had a heart attack and was also being treated with angina.  I don't always agree with the angina diagnosis.  

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