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Day 12 & 13

Oct 25, 2008 - 0 comments

my kids



Day 12- So day 12 went good! I hung out with my kids & my BF..I am so happy to have the pills out of my life!! Is not dizzy anymore but the anxiety is still there but hopefully that will get better with time!! I just don't want to start taking anything for anxiety cause I have such an addictive personality. Anyhow all is well and glad to have the old me back.

Day 13- Well day 13 started about 8am cause my Boy's are over but its going well so far...I had a job interview this morning and got it so Im really happy and received about that! My BF has to work till like 4pm so I'M anticipating him to get home to have adult conversation. Is not having any vertigo really & if I do its just a little here & there, the anxiety will start later Is sure but its all good. So day 13 & im so happy Is off that ****. God Bless

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