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Molly was spayed

Feb 03, 2008 - 0 comments




My baby Molly was spayed on Thursday afternoon. They kept her at the vet overnight and gave me specific instructions for when I bring her home. Her appetite has been a little poor since she came home, but this morning I woke to the sound of her vomitting. I guess I just wonder why this is happening 3 days AFTER surgery and not the day of. Does anybody have any ideas?? or is this normal??

Also, when I picked her up they told me they had seen some fleas on her belly when they were shaving her. I have NEVER seen any fleas in our home, nor any flea dust or anything of that nature. I have a friend who said if she had fleas that I would absolutely know it. My Mom (with 3 cats of her own) said she probably got them on her from the vet itself. I was a little taken back by the vet telling me that my baby had fleas. I keep my home immaculate and so do my kitties (keep themselves immaculate). Is it possible that she could have picked these fleas up at the vet?? if she had fleas before her visit there, would I have seen them in my home? are they something you notice without a doubt or can they be hidden?? Anyone with any ideas on post-op care after spaying and flea issues, please respond with some insight for me. Thanks.

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