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I think I need a new scale

Oct 26, 2008 - 3 comments

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I think I may need a new scale. I  mean let's see I thought I was 130 and when I weighed myself at home i was 142 now i week later after weighing myself at my dad's i'm done to 137 so maybe my scale at home is broken I'm going to see how much I way when I get home that'll be the decieding factor or the effects of ablilify are starting to balance back out I don't know.

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by ggj2, Oct 26, 2008
No 2 scales weigh the same.  I have had the same thing happen to me.  I don't worry too much about the scale.  I have one pair of jeans that fit me when I am at the weight I want to be & I use them to "measure" when I need to "lighten" up in my eating.  I know how frustrating it is trying to LOSE WEIGHT !!  Just take it ONE DAY AT A TIME---DON'T LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE.   One positive step you can take right away is to start eating smaller portions--use the size of YOUR doubled up fist as YOUR serving size OF MEAT.  You can eat as much vegetables as you want.  Try not to eat MEAT, BREAD & POTATOES AT THE SAME MEAL as they are COMPLEX CARBS & your stomach has to secrete 3 different kinds of hydrochloric acid to digest them.  That is why you get the bloated feeling & the belching when you eat a meal containing those 3 things, along with whatever else you eat at that meal.  Also eating a small salad or small cup of soup before your meal will help you eat less.  It takes 20 minuts from the time you start eating for your brain to tell your stomach that you are full.  I have lots of other tips I can give you as I have studied nutrition for over 20 years with some of the best nutritional companies  & I am now associated with the BEST OF THE BEST  & we have  a wonderful program that I have used for a little over a year now. We have an amazing body applicator/wrap that  detoxifys your fat cells allowing them to shrink.  You can go to to learn more & there you can also get my email address if you want to contact me.  Good Luck & God Bless!!!

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by sassygrgram, Oct 27, 2008
I bought a Weight Watchers scale at Kmart which is great. It tracks 4 peoples weight. It inputs your current weight and then gives a goal weight. Each time you weigh it shows your progress. Like ggj2 said all scales are not the same. I weighed 5 pounds more on my doctors scale and told him that my home scale showed a lower waigh. He must have had the scale adjusted because the next time I went in our scales showed we were much closer.

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by Needhelp807, Sep 09, 2009
I feel bloated after eating, even simple meals only. Even after an hour or two I still belch a lot. I gained so much weight since I started treatment for Hypertension. I don't know why even with little meals I still feel I'm gaining weight specially in the midsection. I walk a lot and I just can't do as much workout as I used to do due to three back surgeries from a car accident. I stopped drinking shakes because I also feel bloated. I also feel tired all the time. Thyroid was also checked and everything is normal. Could these pills have anything to do with this feeling and weight gain? I'm now taking Hydrocholorothiazide, simvastatin, metropolol, diovan and amlodipine. I stopped my vitamins/supplements to find out if they are causing this bloated feeling and weight gain on my midsection. I'm also 47 years of age, male. I so feel acidy sometimes and I chew on tums to rid of the discomfort. Seelping enough or even catching a restful one has been difficult too. What can you suggest? About to get tested for sleep apnea.


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