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Leg Wound - getting worse

Oct 27, 2008 - 0 comments



venous ulcer wound


lymph edema

I am a female, 43yrs old.  30 yrs ago hit by a car with tib/fib compound fx of right leg.  I only had a skin graph done (no flap) Im unsure of the underlying damage done to my vascular, tissue and muscles. I did have an occurance within the first 72 hrs of gangrene on t ... [More] he skin surface, this was burned off making my wound larger. I believe the area where the bone came out on the outer side of my leg was about the size of a silver dollar concave about a 1/3 an inch, and the rest was burned. I walked pretty normal and the only thing other than the ugly scar was the numb area from the middle leg to middle toe.

About 4.5 yrs ago I started to notice swelling in my feet,  I had an episode where I was on my feet all night and legs were swollen above my boots, when I got home I took them off and was very itchy, I had all the red splotches all over my legs, most went away, some remained on my ankles and one in my scar. I went to my PMD and she did tests for CHF, stress test was ok, and so was echo. She gave me water pills that seemed to work. I pointed out the one in my scar and she said she had enough to keep her busy with my other symtoms.Sept 04, a few months later my job closed down and I was unemployed and uninsured. I sat at my computer for long periods of time and the swelling would be pretty intense, but alot more in my right foot, Sept of 2005 (3yrs ago) I developed a small lesion in the concave part that formed a small scab when I noticed it. I know it wasn't cause by hitting it because anything touching my leg is irritating.  I waited a week an it was weeping a little so I went to the ER. They did culture of the wound prescribed antibiotics. The wound was staph but not MRSA. The anti-biotics never worked and with in 3 months the wound was silver dollar sized.  3 years later the wound has eaten my whole skin graft away, and drains alot, I experience alot of pain now that it is eroding the skin I have feelings in. My problem is I have no insurance and don't qualify for any help. And ER is not the place for a cure. I hope for them to admit me so a specialist could see me. I know that healing this from the outside is not the answer, the underlying cause needs to be corrected first. I have pictures of the wound progression. Maybe there is a study of this I can get in on, a guinea pig for some researchers or company. I am not diabetic and have had a doppler on thigh done the rule out venous ulcer. (I think there are more test to be done to actually rule that out though).

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