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Oct 27, 2008 - 3 comments





Panic attacks



I don't know what's wrong with me today. I feel like I just want to cry. The anxiety is starting to come back, I had a panic attack in the library on Friday, then another one last night as I was in bed just drifting off to sleep and today I just feel anxious and have chest pain which goes through to my back. I'm so sick of it.

It was one of my best friends' birthday yesterday and she had a murder mystery dinner party on Saturday night and didn't invite me. At first I was angry about it and now I just feel sad and I feel a bit bitter too, didn't even ring her to say happy birthday or text her or anything. Was that really the adult way to respond. Should I confront the issue or just do what I normally do and ignore it and pretend nothing has happened. And if it is ever brought up I just brush it off like it didn't matter.

Why do I feel so sad?

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by sacajawea426, Oct 27, 2008
Nobody likes to be left out especially by a best friend.  what you feel does matter and i'd confront her about it.  holding in this sadness makes you feel more sad and you deserve better.  maybe dont think of it as confronting but as asking why you were excluded.

what would you say if your children or someone else you loved was left out?

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by Neko_Cat, Oct 27, 2008
i have had so many panic attacks.. before job interviews, at a tafe exam which was a restaurant practical to pass the course, at school.. i never really know what to do, but i have to say the medication i was on for about 4 years definitely helped kurb the feelings. i finally went off them and its been about two weeks.. and im a total wreck. i understand where youre coming from, if one of my friends were to do that i would probably rip myself apart over it. i would ask her why and simply let her know you were a little dissapointed not to be invited and was there any reason for it.
as for the sadness, it comes with the lack of seretonin. hug?

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by MJIthewriter, Nov 06, 2008
I can relate to your feeling.  I believe it's a feeling of rejection and for you to be upset about it is natural.  I don't know if it's the best thing, but just for the sake of getting some peace of mind, it sounds like it may be a good idea to call your friend and ask her about it.  If you can, do try to refrain from being angry or start crying during that call.  Being emotional during that call may make it worse. If the friend doesn't give a really valid reason, then maybe it's time to kind of take a break from that friend.  I wish I could give better advice.  I live with an existing disorder that naturally puts me in those situations because I have a hard time reading people's emotions. I either read too little or too much.  When I read too little, then I get people angry at me when I didn't intend to anger them. If I read too much then I get angry at the people when they didn't intend to anger me.

Either way is difficult and creates anxiety.

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