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who woulda thought?

Feb 04, 2008 - 1 comments

Last nights win by the Giants got me thinking and reminiscing quite a bit.

Jen was diagnosed a tad shy of her third birthday.  Initially the doctors approached us in the ICU quite somber after the brain surgery, and declared that she had a terminal brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme.  She was given a few months to live and little hope for any effective treatment.  Afterwards a full pathology indicated a malignant tumor called a ependymoma with a bleak prognosis but much less certain outcome.  

This then started a chain reaction where we sent the tumor to some of the best pathologist in the country who started debating as to the type of tumor and whether or not it was malignant.  In order to add to the chaos, the treatment plan for little Jen was also the focus of major debates between the specialists, here in NY and across the country.  One camp argued for chemotherapy to delay radiation and the other camp insisted that chemotherapy for pediatric brain tumors had no proven benefit and there was no time to waste treating her with radiation therapy which would cause certain brain damage to one so young.

Ultimately the specific type of tumor was never resolved and Jen made it through a year of chemotherapy and followed this with radiation to the site of the tumor. The kid was tough and was a fighter.  

Jen popped in over the weekend, and then drove back to college yesterday, opting to see the Super Bowl at school last night.  Just goes to show that sometimes the underdog indeed wins.


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by kim111, Feb 04, 2008
Phil, Thanks for sharing such an awesome story. Best of life to you and Jen. kim k/ kim111

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