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Patience - something i've never had much of!

Oct 27, 2008 - 3 comments

Patience does not mean sitting back and doing nothing. On the contrary, patience means always doing the very best you can do, while understanding that the results you seek will not come immediately.

Patience is the acknowledgement that the quality of life is much more important than the quantity of things with which you fill it. Patience is the willingness to accept what is, for right now, while putting all you have into creating the best that can be.

Make the most of the many opportunities life provides for you to practice patience. With patience is your life fully and richly lived

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by LIL_LADY24, Oct 27, 2008
i needed that thanks

637639 tn?1289960005
by mwhitcomb, Nov 22, 2008
Amen to that!  Thanks :)  I needed to read that.  NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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by beth0414, Dec 03, 2008
PRAISE GOD for that good encouragemnt you have shared to us!Godbless!

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