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So Far, So Good

Oct 27, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, I am doing well with the abscessed tooth.  I have been on the antibiotic and haven't taken anything stronger than advil.  It makes me feel so good to hear my husband tell me he is proud that I haven't asked him for any.  

I am still kinda afraid that for some reason this problem with my kidney is going to end up being drug related.  Whether it is or not, I still feel stronger about staying away from the pills.  I have been taking the new blood pressure meds, Toprol XL.  I have never had to take a blood pressure med twice a day, but I have been doing this one without missing a dose.  Tomorrow when I meet with the specialist, I am going to have to tell him that my heart rate is still really rapid.  It usually runs anywhere from 110-120.  That is even at rest.  I am also having some headaches with it, but I read that that is one of the side effects.  I hate it because the headaches are what made me realize I was having problems.  I really don't know what will come next, but I am ready to face it head on and get it straightened out.

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