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34 weeks 3 days

Oct 28, 2008 - 0 comments

I had doctors appointment last week and they told me that I was going to have an u/s during week 36 - so 2 more weeks to go! I am excited to see my little guy - I hope he will let us see his face this time! Last time he was bashful.  I also hope that he is still a he!  I have heard of people finding out that they were wrong at the 20 week u/s so I am hoping that is not the case with us!  I can't wait to meet my son! I have had so much sickness (2 rounds of a cold) the latter of which is still here!  I can't hear out of my ears they are so stuffy!   I am getting tired too! Only 4 more weeks of work and then maternity leave!  Hopefully I make it that long...

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