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a littlebetter

Oct 28, 2008 - 0 comments

Today has went a little better. Both of his kids are home. they are "sick" witch they don't act like it. well lets hope they can go on to school  tomm. atleast Alexis is not sick yet!! I don't get to go to my parents this week end because she is taking a test witch i am very happy for her i fust wish i could still come!! but that happens  I jsut  cant get over the fact that we got into so bad this week end(ander and i) He wanted me to leave but the baby stays!! yeah right i will never leave her here, and me go he would not even a someone to watch her when he works he will not feed her baby food change a dipear or even give her a bath. so they are no way on god green earth i would  leave her here. when i went to the doc for 40 mins i worryed to death about her!!

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