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Effexor xr

Feb 04, 2008 - 2 comments

Effexor XR

Wow! Literally a nightmare, this is by far the worst drug i have ever taken, seroquel was also a Nightmare!  My Doc switched me over to Klonopin and so far it has helped a little, the only problem is that he upped my dose from .5mg of Xanax per day to .5mg twice daily.  I don't think I'm going to take the full mg of klonopin, i will take the .5mg like i used to with Xanax.  So far it has helped a little. I'm hoping that 2 miles of jogging every other day will help taper off completely.

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by nana902, Feb 08, 2008
I am also weaning off of Effexor xr and it has been a nightmare for me also.  I seem to have the "shakes" on it.  I am switching back to Paxil and as soon as I take that I seem to feel better.  Can't wait to be done with this stuff but its so slow.  I also take Klonopin or Xanax...Yes they sure help...just trying not to take them...only when necessary.  Nana

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by Crystal_blue_girl, Apr 12, 2008
Hmm I guess we are all different because i've been on effexor xr and seroquel and sadly it didnt help me but unlike you guys I didnt get any side effects unless you count the weight gain from the seroquel eep!But (risperdal) hope I spelled that right was my nightmare drug LOL I was in a zombie like also on klonopin and I see no improvement with my anxiety :( woe is me.

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