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Oct 28, 2008 - 4 comments

Hi everyone,  
Well we have the computer up and running here in our new place.  We are living in a city called Wollongong which is in New South Wales, just about 45mins south of Sydney.
Its really nice, great shops, beautiful beaches and we live pretty central to everything.  It is pretty  Have to get myself ready because they say that this summer will be one of the hottest recorded for Sydney for many years!!  Great!  I like it warm, but not too keen on stinking hot!!
I have been trying to come on as much as I can(at internet cafe) and have been keeping up with the news around Donna.  It is very hard to know what to say as I cannot even imagine the pain involved for her and for her family at this time and I pray for Peace for
My love to everyone and will post some more photos of Wollongong soon.

Peace and Love...Kim

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by vegas2cr, Oct 28, 2008
Hi Kim we are coming into summer here in Costa Rica.. although we are actually part of north america even though we are central... the rainy season usually ends around Nov 15.  We are 11 degrees above the equator so according to the United States we are entering winter.. thats funny.. Our temperature here never really changes.. in my little town around 75 to 80 all year round...
I did speak to Donna one week ago...she is one of the elegant women I have ever had the fortune to know... she is tired and ready to go to her permanet home....
Hope things are good for you... Ronni

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by Mid, Oct 28, 2008

Hi Kim
              Welcome to NSW you have it right about the weather!

Its been wired as last week we had a temp of 14C Monday was 35C and today its heaps cooler 21C

Its hard to keep up.

I have not been to Woolongong in a very long time.

Hope you are settling in well?

Take care

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by PinkTissue, Oct 29, 2008
Hoped you are enjoying yourself!

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by Jan214, Oct 29, 2008
Glad you are settled.  Donna is comfortable and pain free.  She knows how much everyone cares for her. TY for thinking of her with all you have going on.  Jan

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