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Post ulnar nerve transposition

Oct 29, 2008 - 5 comments

ulnar nerve





Well it's the day after my ulnar nerve transposition of my left arm. I am somewhat concerned as the nerve block as not let go and cannot feel anything on the pinkie side of my left hand and wonder when the freezing will subside.

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by ZeroGirl, Jan 05, 2009
my brother-in-law had the same the Dr. suggested ulnar nerve (elbow area)surgery and it was the worse decision..its gotten WORSE, didnt help, now he cannot use his arm or hand at all.....dont do it..if  you can live with the pain, ice it and whatever you have to do.

He is worse now than before,  he cannot even use his hand, he is numb, it gets hot and cold, it swells from time to time..he had no strength in his arm whatsoever!

and the Doctor does not know why?? his physical therpist said there is probably an entrapment in his wrist now and that is why this is happening..

now why did the Dr. not know that this would happen.

He is so depressed, he wishes he never had the surgery..please do not do it, once you do this its too late.

Just thought I'd warn you out there..remember there is no way to see tendions..and  yes he went for his MRI, etc, stay away from the surgery if you can.

This is just in case the DR. tells you that you need this type of surgery..

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by nanahuckster, Mar 23, 2009
Did your feeling come back in your hand???  I am going to have surgery on my arm and wrist and am trying to decide if I want a nerve block or just to be put out.  One of my fears is that the nerve block will be bad for my already comprimised ulnar nerve.  I think, perhaps when you have surgery on a nerve it is likely that the nerve will be irritated and may take a while to recover.  I hope yours recovered successfuly!

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by BLJ720, Aug 14, 2010
I had ulnar nerve entrapment surgery and carpel tunnel release surgery (elbow and wrist) at the same time July 15th. It's Aug. 14th now. First few days I felt immediate relief from nerve pain, numbness; however I had pain from the trauma of the surgery, the wounds that I had to recover from. But it was the first time that week I could sleep w/o a brace in 2 yrs. and wake up with no numbness in hand/fingers. 10-15 days out I had hardly any hand pain or forearm, which I had for almost 2 yrs previous. This was after not using hand at all though of course, for those 2 wks. Now at 24-30 days out I have some pain returning, but much of this might be from using my hand too much too soon. I have not handled wt. forcefully or anything, but I use the hand a fair amount for so soon after surgery. And when I swim for therapy I may well have gotten to vigorous with the swimming, which I tend to do cause it's hard for me to be patient and not do any exercise. I will back off now for a few days and see. Maybe I just pushed to hard to soon with laps and everything.
I will try to post follow up updates. I am told from nerve conduction studies that my left arm needs these surgeries too quite possibly and I have had symptoms in them as well for some time, but not as bad. Before surgery I tried a number of conservative treatments, most of which helped but none solved problem for good and it slowly got worse as I have to use my hands intensely for work. I need to get out of such work. I do think my surgeon is very good, which matters hugely.

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by Woodie263, Aug 04, 2011
I have just had an operation - Right Ulnar Nerve Transposition a week ago.  My fingers have pins and needles, and wonder how long it will take to heal. Some say 3 months others say 6 - 8 months.

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by Aathreya, Feb 20, 2012
I am 25 years old. I had undergone operation for ulnar and median nerve injury during 2006 March which was a result of an accident. My report said both these nerves and tendons along with the FDP and FDS of all fingers are completely cut at wrist. Even now, I could  not able to recover fully. I know that recovery of nerves takes years together. May I have some best suggestion to improvise my condition (Some of the symptoms being - Pin pricking sensations on my little and ring finger with some numbness, difficulty in holding firmly and could not able to do a complete fist with little and ring fingers.

Please suggest something workable.

Thanks in Advance

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