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It is Pancreatic Cancer

Feb 05, 2008 - 4 comments

I have been writing a blog for about a week on medhelp. I found out yesterday I have malignant pancreatic cancer. I am only 39 years old. That may be why the diagnosis took so long. PEOPLE: PANCREATIC CANCER is aggressive, sometimes asymptomatic and often deadly. If you are at risk start learning what you can do to help in early detection. I will live. I am more aggressive than any tumor. I will also be blogging at my new site since diagnosis:


If anybody has some pancreatic cancer info I would love you to take the time and give it here! I will still blog here too. I will also continue to respond to blogs which have 0 comment. THAT IS ALOT OF THESE. I thought there were doctors here to answer questions. Anyway I still appreciate this forum. Thanks for reading if you did and thanks for advice if you have some.

Did anybody else that has cancer get no response when they told a spouse or family member? I did. I think it is denial and fear. I am a little hurt and confused but will figure it out with help from my friends. kim

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by Helpless208, Feb 05, 2008
You are a strong person kim, you will overcome this too so don't give up.
You are in our prayers, please keep us updated


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by jdesouza, Feb 05, 2008
You definitely have the right mind set to beat this.

That's great that you are responding to the blogs. The doctors on this site respond to questions posted in the "Aska a doctor" forums. The journals are for people to share their experiences and not to post medical questions. Doctors don't respond in the journals. Also, if you join a community your journal gets shared with others in that community.

If you are unsure of how any of this works just let me know.

Good luck

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by pinoangel1996, Jun 04, 2009
hello i was diagnoised april 27th and i am 37
email me i would love to chat and see how ur being treated ,,,,,which state are u in?
by the way,,,,i will beat this i too am stronger
[email protected]    put pancreatic cancer in the subject line so i know its not junk mail

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by postman1952, Oct 06, 2009
I am 56,male and diagnosed with adenocarcinoma,pancreatic cancer.The pet scan shows no signs of liver metastases but there is a less than 1.0cm celiac focus of activity,exhibiting a maximum suv of 4.0.My tumor is 3.0 and maximum suv of 10.1.what is the celiac.the doctor said my whipple operation could be border line.

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