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cold symptoms starting

Oct 27, 2008 - 0 comments

I just noticed my nose getting stuffy/runny, and my throat is kinda hoarse and slightly sore, my left side of my neck has swollen glands as well,  my lips are increasingly chapped/dry, and I feel more tired then usual. I'm also noticing some burning when i pee now and increased urgency, I hope it goes away....dr's in Nov! I hope I'm okay...
Going to start a vitamin regeime and I've been eating honey, I've been trying to rest and stay warm also,  though I've never stopped a cold in its tracks and doubt i can, it gives me peace of mind that I'm at least trying to ward it off lol.  Just hope I'm good for Halloween,  today's my sweetheart Steve's 22nd birthday, so there'll be lots going on later!

Everything I drink
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