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My mum...

Oct 29, 2008 - 0 comments






...bought a new car today.

This wouldn't be the most earth shattering piece of information till you consider that my mum (who has had a driving licence since she was 18) has not driven a car since before I was born... and I'm 27! She's had some refresher lessons with the same guy who got me through my test - and who is, for the record, a complete nutter! I loved him, he made my lessons 100% crazy fun! - and now she's the proud owner of a Y reg, cherry red, Renault Clio!

I don't usually have a good relationship with my mum, but since she came to the doctors with me it's like she's being more patient with me and I'm calmer around her.

I'm really proud of her for doing this... I knew she had it in her, she's like me sometimes - she lacks motivation.

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