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Tender spot on crown of head

Oct 24, 2007 - 2 comments





sore spot


bruise on head


reoccuring spot

I have experienced a tender spot on the crown of my head since my early 20's, always in the same spot and lasts for a few days, then goes away only to return a month or so later. It is right on the tip top of the crown of my head, feels like a bruise as if I had hit it on something. There is the slightest bit of swelling, nothing that anyone else has ever been able to feel, but I do. It seems to be more pronounced after I have had a few alcoholic beverages. In fact it sort of throbs and hurts if I even raise my eyebrows. Any suggestions as to what this is. I am now 33 years old and it has been happening for many years now, so I am not exactly afraid that it may be life threatening. I am just curious and was wondering how I would approach this "ghost" of an issue with my doctor since he really can't see or feel it.

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by Mixxi Mornix, Oct 24, 2007
Your situation has been discussed here on medhelp and hopefully you find this helpful.

Take Care!

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by shirl1934, Oct 24, 2007
what cn you tell me about restful leg medication. Does it work for RLS (restless leg syndrome. I have a serious case of RLS. I now take requip and would like to find something that would help as well as that medication. Sincerely Shirl1934

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