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May 06, 2012 - 4 comments

one week has passed and I go back to work for another week...last Monday was awful because  a department store did not want me to use there restroom because I'm black and fat. I called the manager he said there customers are more important to me...I wanted to die......I talked to my therapists   and we talked about giving me another pill to go with my other meds.

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by Londres70, May 08, 2012
Geez.....that's horrible.  Did the shopworkers tell you that to your face?  I didn't understand about the manager....did he not support you?  

And your therapist prescribed you another pill because of this?  What's that all about?  

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by EJ561, May 08, 2012
my employer has certain place to use the rest room and it was one of them....My employer pays that store money.I called the manager and he made me feel so LOW..There customers are more important than me using the restroom. I going to see a lawyer Thursday....I know things are tough and people do need there jobs..he made no attempt to say he was sorry..................UPDATE HE TOLD HIS MANAGER We  sleep and snore we smoke pot we have put needles in the trash. etc etc etc.My company is well know in the town...I had a panic attack yesterday....could not put my foot out the door. I never would of went to that restroom if I had to go through all that....He just should of said we do not want you employees to use our restroom....but he still wanted his $1000 a month fee...........My life is so crazy got behind in my bills everyone is claiming there the one to pay.....and its not...trying to get someone to help me pay off the bills they don't they want fees  I'm so STRESSED OUT....My brother is Ill don't know if I'm going to lose him in the process......I need a vacation and I need it alone......Thank you.....

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by specialmom, May 08, 2012
I'd make a super huge stink about that to the store with a formal complaint!  Ya know, when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child, my girlfriends set up a day for us to get pedicures together.  It was a nice spa and had massage chairs that you sat in while you received your pedicure.  There I am with all my girlfriends, talking and enjoying myself while my feet soaked and I sat getting my massage chair massage when an employee came over and said "turn chair off.  You too big.  You break chair."  I was so hormonal that I burst into tears right there.  I wrote a firm letter that this was NOT appropriate.  That she embarressed me and humiliated me.  It was NOT okay.  I got a full refund and they said they gave the woman a talking to or something like that.

Follow up again with that store and even set an appointment to talk to them.

Dear, you are so overwhelmed.  I'm very sorry about that.  Things are tough right now but they WILL get better.  I just know it.  Hang in there.  

Oh, and if you are having issues with bills, there area gencies that can help you and advocate for you.  Some things you pay immediately like your rent so you can keep a place to live.  Others, you can try to work out something.  Credit card companies will sometimes do that.  good luck  

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by Londres70, May 09, 2012
Oh my goodness sound like you are going to have a nervous breakdown.  Unfortunately, life can hit us with several stones at once. need some kind of income coming in so try your best to get through this situation with your employer. I know your employer is being a royal ........ (you fill in the blank), but you need that job to pay your bills for right now.  Secondly, try contacting all your debtors and make arrangements with them; don't IGNORE them.  If you have anything of value you could try to sell it to someone just to get extra money.  

Lastly, I am not sure if you are the praying type, if you are just PRAY over the rest, i.e. your brother.  Unfortunately, you don't have any control over his medical issues and that is completely out of your hands.  Just let him know you are thinking about him and praying for him.  Hopefully, he will pull though the situation dear.  

I feel for you.  You are so overwhelmed and such.  Maybe you do just need to get away for a bit, but then I am not sure if that is practical since your finances aren't in order.  

PM me anytime you want to vent.



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