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Chiari Malformation Correction Requested

Oct 31, 2008 - 3 comments





chiari malformation




Arnold Chiari Malformation

We must somehow get others to stop referring to Chiari Malformation as "Arnold" Chiari Malformation.  There is no such thing as Arnold Chiari Malformation.  After Dr. Hans Chiari's original description of a condition we now refer to as Chiari Malformation, Dr. Arnold's students inaccurately added his name to the condition.  As time went on, those in the medical community dropped Dr. Arnold's name realizing he did not "add" anything "new" to the desciption of the condition.  It is unfortunate that many propagate the misinformation by continuing to inaccurately call it "Arnold" Chiari Malformation.

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by fastweb951, Jun 12, 2009
a Scottish physician named John Cleland (1835 − 1925) first described the malformation in 1883, and called it "basilar impression syndrome". from wiki, but just shows how there could have been contributors prior to Dr. Hans.

Unless your related to Dr. Hans, let it roll

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by julieg_rn, Mar 03, 2011
Just for clarification purposes - Type II is also known as "Arnold-Chiari Malformation", as noted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. This institute is a subsidiary of The Institute of Health under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I believe this is where the confusion sets in. The term "Arnold-Chiari Malformation" used to be used for all four types.
As noted on "Not everyone uses the same terminology when describing Chiari.  Some people use Arnold-Chiari (ACM) interchangeably with Chiari.  Others only use Arnold-Chiari to refer to Chiari Type II which involves more of the brain descending out of the skull, is predominantly diagnosed in children, and is commonly associated with Spina Bifida.  Other terms for Chiari include tonsillar ectopia and hindbrain herniation, meaning the cerebellar tonsils are out of position."
Also, as noted by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons ( AANS) - "A German pathologist named Hans Chiari was the first to describe the disorder in the early 1890s. He categorized these in order of severity: types I, II, III, and IV.
The term “Arnold-Chiari” was latter applied to Chiari type II malformation."
Ain't it nice when we're ALL right for a change. Let's not hold our breath for it to ever take place again.
At least this made me feel like I still know something (even if I will forget it in less than 5 minutes - God I love having Chiari)

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by FourChiarians, Mar 25, 2011
It seems the point was lost here.  We need the medical community to use ONE name for the condition otherwise confusion will linger.  Those afflicted continue to struggle within the medical community.  The medical community has yet to fully grasp the complexity of this condition and its effects on those afflicted.  Agreeing on the name is just beginning of dealing with the totality of the issues plaguing patients.  Chiari Malformation is widely used and appears to be the most appropriate.  These few comments prove the need for unification.

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