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Since I don't know anybody here, I'll be honest.

May 07, 2012 - 0 comments





self hatred

And I couldn't care less if you see this. If you even continue reading then thank you, but I'm probably about to waste your time. I seem to do that a lot lol. Horrible cramp right now. It's subsiding a little so it's easier to type, but earlier on I couldn't move and felt sick, couldn't eat or drink, even curling up in a ball didn't help. I have my housecoat/dressing gown (whichever) on and a hot water bottle, the room is a tiny bit cold but it's not that bad. I've been feverish and confused and slept most of the time I've got up. I have a day off school today (late Mayday for some reason...) so I was going to sleep in (a/n; last night I fell asleep about 4am. Yeah.) but my period woke me up. 7am. So I stayed up a while and went back to sleep. My dog has been keeping me company, I've phoned my mum and sister and I just want to go to a doctor. I don't feel like this is just me being weak, I'm honestly so scared of what might be wrong with me, but I'd rather know than go on ignorantly. I tried eating at about 3. I couldn't haha. My back and thighs are extremely sore and it's so difficult to walk. I know people are worse off than I am so I feel horribly selfish moaning about this, but bleeeh, I'll say it. Why me. I'm such a ***** jfodsl;mcx.

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