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Feb 06, 2008 - 1 comments






I have been going through journals and with some cases I have heard similar situations and they have been helped with a natural product called Reliv so I responded. I decided to just write my own journal so all can read. I was introduced to this prouct in Nebraska but I live in Illinois. In Illinois it is not very popular as it is in Nebraska. I have met two doctors from Mexico that refused to take at first but when they would ask patience what they would take with their health improved they began taking it and distributing it and now have left their jobs to help others with educating them about this product and financially. This product has helped me with my circulation and with my 7th cyst on my face it disappeared but the other cyst 3 were surgically removed but the 2 I removed when I was younger while working at a health food store that why I knew this product worked it contains all vitamins and minerals and 8 extra herbs. If any questions call Lety (708)856-7043

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by jeanie01, Jun 23, 2008
Thanks for all the info!! I have never heard of this Reliv. Are they on the internet? Thanks

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