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My Little Man's Arrival!!

May 09, 2012 - 16 comments

Ok, so im finally writing his birth story! =D Here we go...

Saturday 28th April i had my midwife out to perform yet another sweep, my 3rd! I didnt expect anything to come from it, but i thought i'd do my best to help it along. After the sweep, me and DF went upstairs ;) and then we went to town and walked around a shopping centre for a few hours. Until i was too tired to walk. Lol. We got home around 4pm, and i started dinner, and as soon as i started to eat, i felt pains, pains like i hadnt felt before, not like period cramps, but more like bowel movement cramps! I did wonder if this was the start, but i just shrugged it of, accepting the fact i was most likely going to end up being induced on the 2nd as planned. Anyway....

By around 8pm i was still experiencing the pains... more of an uncomfortable feeling then a pain as such. By 11pm, they were every 10-12 mins apart, and actually started to get a little more uncomfortable. I called Labor ward, and they said call back when 5 mins... They continued at 10-12 mins apart all night long, i had about 45 mins sleep, mean while DF has a good nights sleep, i made sure he had his rest as he will need it too. I countinued to have the pains all day, still at 10-12mins apart. By 10pm the sunday night, (over 24 hours since the pains started, i believe this was slow labour btw.) i was in more pain, so i called Labor ward, and asked if i could come in to be checked and possibly something to make me feel more comfortable. They agreed, and i was in my 11pm. They checked me, i was 3cm, totally thinned out, but my contractions were still at 10-12mins apart, but were more painful. The midwife have me a 4th sweep, and within a hour, my contractions were every 3-5mins apart and even stronger. They admitted me in the ward at 8am, so i had yet another totally sleepless night...Thats 48hours with no sleep... I had a shot of pethidene just after i arrived to take the edge of, i was hoping to catch a few hours sleep, but the pains kept me awake, so i had no chance. Following morning, (monday) once admitted to the ward, as i was considered in labor, they were very BUSY in delivery suite, even ladies there for induction were turned away, so i had to wait for a room, and i waited from 8am to 1pm with no pain relief what so ever, and by this stage they were very painful. the only relief i had was bouncing on a birthing ball and swearing haha... And i was 4-5cm dilated...

I was finally in my delivery room by 1pm, and 6cm. I asked for the epi, and jeeze,thats were it all went wrong........

I had a trainee attempt the epi, first time VERY painful and epic FAIL..., 2nd attempt same as first...FFS, i was so angry and was in so much pain already that this damn lady didnt help. Finally for the 3rd attempt the proper anestthiest(sp?) done it. Phewww...finally i thought i'd see the back of the pain, wrong i was....

Bubba's awake...hehe! Will continue shortly.........

I had roughly an hour of no pain, when i started to feel less numb on one side... Hmmm, this epi was only working one side and on that side it wasnt total relief. So it wasnt working properly, causing me to need constant top up's, 7 in total :( By 2pm and 7cm dilated, my waters broke naturally. I actually thought i'd pee'd myself LOL... My contractions went from 3-5 mins, to 6-8....grrrr! This damn epi that wasnt even working properly was slowing my contractions down...typical! So they get me going on pitocin... starting at 2ml...4ml...8ml...12ml.. i think towards the end i even got to 20ml lol.. By then the contractions were killing me. Btw, contractions felt like nothing i'd experienced before, there is no describing them. Nothing like period cramps, its a whole different feeling/pain.

By 11:45pm i was 10cm and ready to push, 1 more top up, which was pretty useless and i was good to go. I started to push and by 00:20 i was so tired from it all, and no sleep for 2 days the midwife got the consultant in. She wanted to use ventouse... with possibility of having to use forceps if ventouse came of. I agreed, but was secretly crapping myself. Can i just say aswell DF was AMAZING through it all, seriously so proud of him for being so supportive! Love him to death =D.. Anyway, lol..  So they started with the ventouse as i pushed, whilst screaming my head off, which was SOOO painful, little man decided to put his arm across his chest over his shoulder... ouchy!! He came out that way too.. 00:51 came and my gorgeous little man entered the world...

So after 3 nights with no sleep, 26hours in established labour (when contractions were 3-5mins part), god knows how many very painful internals, a epi that never worked correctly, and with no other pan relief finally i was pain free. My little man weighed 9lb :O wowza lol... And was 36.5cm long.. And thanks to the great lady who done the ventouse i had no tearing what so ever...YAY!!! :D I lost a little blood, so lots of pressure on the tummy was very uncomfy afterwards. But little man is here...and i wouldnt change him for the world. I BF for 2 days, and am gutted i couldnt continue, but it was so painful, but he's so happy and so content. This last week has been amazing, and i am so proud of Lee, he's an amazing dad, and Riley is so loved by us all. We registered him yesterday, and is now officially Riley Beach! Welcome to the world little man.......... <3

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by Maybe-baby, May 09, 2012
Awwww how lovely :) Np pain, no gain, but that's ridiculous lol! At least he's here safe and sound now, and I assume you were allowed to catch up on that lost sleep! :) how does a third baby sound right now?!!! :D Enjoy your boys! x

1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, May 09, 2012
Hehe, immediately after his birth me and Lee were like, fcuk going through that again! And i ment it lol, he said he didn't wanna see me in that pain again!  But now, looking back, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Probably only just the once though haha! It's weird, with Steven it was so calm, easy straight forward and no pain what do ever. But Riley's birth was total opposite.... I'm hoping for another birth like Stevens, but now I'm well aware it doesn't work like that... X

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by Maybe-baby, May 09, 2012
Well he was very lazily overdue for quite some time, I guess he had to come out making a show of it!! :D At least he is a good baby for you though, makes up for it I'm sure :) x

1527510 tn?1392301344
by Carly1306, May 09, 2012
gosh, now I see why I was stalking your FB for days waiting on that update. He really didn't wanna come did he? LOL. I'm sorry it was so painful, but like you said, worth it in the end :)

1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, May 09, 2012
Yup...he sure did. He wasnt happy to come out until he knew he'd be a may baby! LOL...

1428239 tn?1333457053
by PetiteWonder, May 09, 2012
wow no tearing with a 9lber!  im impressed.

MY lo had to be born with a vacuum after two hours of pushing....  even though her head was showing after my first push...  Turned out she ahd a short umbical cord that kept pulling her back in.  Thankfully my epidural worked and that I didnt get up until I was almost 9 CM dilated because it was wearing off at the end of the two hours.

Glad that he is here safely.

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, May 09, 2012
Good GAWSH Louise, I was cringing in pain just reading it.  [email protected] relief by bouncing on the ball and swearing.  All I can say Is.."WOW, what a woman!!".  You did an amazing job, bless your heart.  You had to go through so much and I know you'd do it all over again but [email protected] :|   Sooo glad he's here, you're okay and baby is just fine!!  Sooo happy for you and your little family...soooo cute!!  Congratulations hun!

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, May 09, 2012
That's quite the birth story!! Sounds pretty painful, but like you said it's worth it in the end and wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

I'm glad mom and Riley are doing well, and hope you finally got some well deserved sleep!


1152782 tn?1451101426
by ConnieG, May 09, 2012
Wowza. Thank goodness that's over!!! He's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats momma!!

1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, May 09, 2012
He is just perfect Louise :D Congrats to you And WOW about the epi I dont think that was right having so many attemps  that actually happend to me but with a spinal and well only half of my body went numb  but I was having a c section so I had to have it done again anyways when the next day came my back was black and blue . But totally worth it seeing baby .

1226132 tn?1329224841
by jhannay, May 09, 2012
love it :0) .. you done fantastic hun.. i remember waking up at 4am and checking for  Riley is gorgeous.. he is going to grow into a fine, strong minded boy having you as his mummy.. x.

1507497 tn?1357173056
by Keith_Cheggers, May 10, 2012
Wow amazing!! Made me laugh made me cringe and made me cry!  Also made me so scared for October!!  Ha ha! Well done you! xx

1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, May 10, 2012
Thank you ladies! Hope my story didn't scare any of you... You'll b fine Marci ;) xx

Avatar universal
by laura_elizabeth, May 10, 2012
bet your glad its all over hun mine was pretty quick compared to this lol but i do agree with you it seemed a lot less painfull the first time round thought i was imagineing it but a few other people have said the same lets hope its not as bad with no3 ;) X

1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, May 10, 2012
Oh yes Laura, definitely :P x

1358553 tn?1339929881
by Michelledj, May 10, 2012
Think you just put me off ;) lol seriously what a story - glad he arrived safe and sound and I'd of begged for a section waaay before that :) xxx

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