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The World According to Me

Nov 03, 2008 - 0 comments

Sorry, I have been around for awhile....busy trying to get my life together. Finding a new counselor who won't say the same thing as every other counselor I have seen. One that can see me more than once a month.

Also getting the house ready for my daughters, Courtney and Caitlyn to come visit in January for 2 weeks. Courtney, my 21 yr old was here last year, She comes most every year. But Caitlyn I haven't seen for almost 5 yrs. She is 18 now.

I am also attempting to write a book about my life. Well my sister and I are. It will be sold in the "demented and disturbed childhoods" sections of the bookstores if you are interested. I don't write well, I am scattered and confusing, just like in real life. Just like my mind. I am hoping to find someone help me put it into some kind of order. Maybe some counselor will be intelligent enough to do so...I'll pay her in coffee. I have plenty of that. Or maybe I shall counsel her back. Her life isn't perfect. She knows it and I know it....I can listen as well as she can. Maybe even better. I can help other people. I just cannot seem to help myself.

If she does have a "perfect world" I'll just screw her up so bad with my story she will be begging for psychotherapy from anyone willing to give it and so then shall I step up to the plate and offer my loving services for the price of one book writing. Sound good...??? Not Really.

I see the sleep Doc Wednesday to see about changing me from provigil to something else. It just isn't working for me. I am falling asleep and not even realizing it. It's scary. The Xyrem is helping me sleep, but I just cannot for the life of me, read, make it through a movie, drive, or talk to someone long enough without passing out. I need help.

ok...enough about me...
I hope you all are well!!!

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