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HCVRNA or Hepatitis c

Feb 07, 2008 - 1 comments

please help









We do heard of this new Chinese Herbal Medicine named YUGANDAN. What are the facts about this med? Is it true that this medicine is much effective in treating hepatitis C than using Interferon and Ribavirin medicines? I have read some letters in this journal site, they we're telling that this Yugandan Chinese Herbal Medicine is just a SCAM? How TRUE is this news? Please send me a letter or confirmation about this Yugandan Medicine as soon as possible. Please HELP, we really need to look for medicines for the sake of the LIFE of my partner. More Power and God Bless!
Thank You...

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by hepcstudy, Nov 25, 2008

I am trying to get in touch with people being treated for Hepatitis C for a report that I am writing.

What I would like to explore is their experiences with their condition and the challenges that they currently face. I’d also like to gain some feedback on what they think could be done to make taking their medication easier.

An incentive of $200 would be offered to each participant of a short and anonymous phone interview.



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