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My 20 Day relapse is over

May 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Greetings everyone,

I am very happy to report and record that today I am finally walking without limp and feeling less fatigued than the previous 20 days.

This is my eighth 'episode' since starting last May. I think I can definitely claim this one as a relapse because I developed a very mild numbness and tingling in my right hand to match the existing sensation in my left hand that extends all the way up my arm. All other symptoms were exacerbated.

On a positive note, I really think my adherance to the OMS program leading up to this point really helped propel me forwards. I was surprised and delighted with my mental and emotional strength during this episode.

Some lessons learnt for me:

I will try my best to get access to steriods next time. I went to my GP but he wasn't comfortable to write a prescription and recommended that I see my neurologist. I'm not booked into see him until August and really couldn't be bothered. I know I should have but I really didn't enjoy my first lot of steriods: the bloated, wired feeling.

I will try to be more consistent with my exercise when I'm not feeling well. I suppose it's understandable that I simply cut back on the amount of gentle walking but I wonder if this contributed to the duration of my limping. Normally, the weakness in my legs doesn't hurt but this time they did feel sore and heavy. Last night I just got fed up and pushed on for 2klms. Voila, strangely today I am better.

I will try to ensure I keep up with my daily meditation. I must confess to going three and four days at a time when I was well leading up to this event without spending any quality time by myself to meditate. I simply was feeling so good and didn't think anything was bothering me, but life being life, stuff is always happening and secret pressures must have been building over 'little' things like my one year anniversary of developing MS.


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