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May 10, 2012 - 2 comments




Diplopia that I had hoped was just a mini-flare kind of thing is still here 10 days or so later and getting worse, not better.  Add to that the fact that two fingers on my right had and my right toe not moving on command yesterday for the first time and I'm suspecting a new flare is trying to sneak its way into my life.  

Yesterday I had an appointment with my neuro that I have to drive an hour and a half to see.  When we got there they looked at us oddly and asked if we hadn't received a call that the neuro was not in.  No, we had not received any calls and no one else was available to see me.  So, another hour and a half home in blinding sun and 80 something degree weather and still no answers about whether this may or may not be the beginning of a flare.  I have a new appointment for next Wednesday.  We'll see how it goes until then.

Eyes: killing me and right eye twitching/moving (weird, I know), colors washing out AGAIN in one eye
Moments of vertigo
Visible cramps/spasms on my ribcage
Stuff not working
Multiple parts buzzing and tingling
Stabbing head pains in several different points

I hope that this time someone will have the courage to give me a CD diagnosis.  

*bangs head on desk*

Now to think of something positive... My blood pressure is back to normal after being out of control from Prednisone.  It was up to 180/140 at the highest and 150/110 as an average before I started taking hawthorn.  I've been taking it for about 2 weeks and I'm back to about 120/80.  Seems it might have actually helped.  I've also lost about 2.5 kg in the last 3 weeks for unexplained reasons.  I'll take that one though! :)

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4661387 tn?1359418798
by MellieHegge, Jan 28, 2013
Hey honey hang in there. I am so sorry the neurologists office did that to you. That is not fair at all, if they only knew how difficult ity is for us to get there on a bad day let alone to get there and not be told that an appointment had been cancelled. Keeping you in my prayers as always. I pray that your neurologist can give you the answers you are looking for this week. I am praying to get into my neurologist sooner than the end of February. They sent an emergency consult to get my appt moved up because two weeks ago I had a mini stroke. Well I hope this week brings better days and less symptoms for us both. Have a great one and good luck! If you ever need anything or specific prayer requests please let me know.

2034625 tn?1392646892
by dogmum, Feb 01, 2013
Thanks, Mellie!  It does stink, and actually happened a second time, but it's all part of the fun I guess right?  

Sorry to hear you had a mini stroke!  Are you ok?  How did they determine this?  I'll be praying for you and hope you'll ask as well if you ever need a chat.  Thanks for your support.


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