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Fun fun fun

May 11, 2012 - 1 comments


Today was really fun. After school, my friends and I went to Julie's house. While we were there, my 'dog' and I were doing a duet (singing & rapping). Then later, my 'dog' was like picking me up. He also spin me around (SO DID THE SAME TO HIM HAHAHA). After that, my 'dog' had to go since he was going to be in the spring concert at our school.My 'teddy bear' was tickling me like nonstop.  A little bit later, my wusband (wife+husband) also had to leave. Then we went to my 'ghetto dad's' house. Then we ran, jogged, skipped, and fell to school. Yes, we ran, walked, jogged, fell, and skipped 2 miles. my 'ghetto dad' carried me and my 'polly bear' some of the way. Then when we got to school the spring concert already started, and we sat in the back. The first person I saw right on stage was my 'dog'. At the end of their performance, the teacher let people come up and let people take pictures of them row by row. My 'ghetto dad', wusband, and I went up and my 'dog' was smiling, trying not to laugh. We were making funny comments as if we were his parents. We sat back down and was bored for like 20 minutes, until he finally came and sat with us. During then, we were still bored. My 'dog' and 'teddy bear' decided to tickle the shiz out of me out of nowhere, and it so wasn't fair. Then my 'dog' took my phone and started playing with it. about another hour into the concert and my 'dog', 'teddy bear', wusband, and I went outside to get some fresh air, and we ended up playing tag around our school. It was like, 8:15PM. So then we went back inside and finished the concert. After the concert was over, my 'dog' had to leave us since he had to help clean up. The rest of us waited for my "ex-husband" and our other friend. After that, we just went home c:

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by teddybearLOL, May 12, 2012
glad you had fun c:

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