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May 12, 2012 - 0 comments

I've been using this machine called EMTECH since 23rd April & it's been like a miracle for me!

It is an electro magnetic therapy machine which looks like any weighing scale people use everyday. We just need to place our feet on it while we sit on a chair.nswitch it on for 30 min and that's it, besides the warmth there might or might be any sensation while the machine does its work.

My fatigue has gone down significantly, I barely need a cat-nap when compared to hours of afternoon rest & still feeling tired.

My fibromyalgia pains are almost gone. Now I can wake-up without morning stiffness in my palms & feet, without back pain, get out of bed and walk right away! My ankles don't hurt as much.

Over the past two weeks, I barely remember taking extra meds for my Crohns-colitis. Maybe a couple of days, I took Omeprazole, Tramadol & Meteospasmyl. btw I'm still taking my 10-11 tabs a day to manage my conditions, those are separate.

I'm waiting to see & shall report other changes in my Quality of Life!!

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