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mother's day

May 13, 2012 - 1 comments

this morning matthew and i enjoyed pancakes! it was nice. we visited my mom briefly and she got matthew to scribble in a card and bought me roses from him. we then went  for a nice walk before lunch. as i walked by the nearby church let oriental man was walking behind me and as he approached me he said o look at you u have a coffee there and a baby and taking a nice walk...u have a good life. then he turned and said i bet you have a nice life don't u...i just smiled at him and said yes life is good. little did this man know about me or my life. he didnt know that i finally got my courage to contact a family lawyer to get a consultation for my divorce...he didnt know that i just got laid off last month and am still negotiationg a package....he didnt know that both my parents arent doing well...he didnt know that i constantly think and worry about everything that i probably have a permanant frown on my face (maybe i  hide all thatbehind my wide rimmed sunglasses).

he walked on and saw a little european lady walking alone out of the park...and he said to her happy mother's day...and in her broken english she said yes i didnt get nothing, nobody comes to me...and he said it's a beautiful day u have a happy mother's day... don't worry  and stop thinking so much...he was going on about the bible, but in the end he made her smile and carried on....

life is funny and it just makes u think...(ok i do enough of this...and probably need a break from that too).

today is mother's day...whether we have past memories, present ones, or yet to create future ones, please have a happy mother's day.

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by melimeli, May 13, 2012
Happy mothers day to you my friend.  Through all adversities we are mothers and our children will respect and admire us as they grow for loving them and doing our all through all the hard times.  Life is what you make of it and you have to make the most through the good and the bad.  Treat yourself good today and always and remember that your son will be stronger because you loved him

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