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Great Article on Anxiety

Feb 07, 2008 - 4 comments

Like many others, I have scoured the internet looking for information on anxiety and panic disorder. I came across a great article that explains a lot about these disorders and thought sharing it would be a good idea.

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by fulloffear, Feb 07, 2008
I have suffered with panic disorder for 20 years now I've been to every kind of doctor their is I beleive for me I had to learn to accept it is what it is. I'm on meds and will be the rest of my life I treat it no different than if it were any other illness that has to be treated. It took along time to get to that point of accepting something i could not change. The big problem I have is Medical doctors with the need to be more educated on this problem instead of brushing it off as if it is not of importance.

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by shelzmike, Feb 07, 2008
I agree 100% with you about the educated (or lack thereof) doctors. I also understand that some people really cannot live without the medicine. Everyone has varying degrees of any illness. In fact, had you asked me 5 years ago, I would have said the same thing (about being on medicine the rest of my life)..

There is a very inspiring story here:

It is long, but it is worth the wait. Someone else on here had the link posted, but I do not recall who. I actually went right out and got Dr. Weekes book that he is talkin about. The My Story downloads take a while to listen to, but they are worth it. You should check it out...


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by jino, Feb 19, 2008
I just read your bio.  You went through a lot at your young age.  Sounds like you have a good heads up on this.  
Thank you for writing about your past.  I will check out the sites you listed.  
Love the picture with your daughter (?).  Enjoy those two sons and daughter.  They grow up so fast.  I  have two sons, 29 and 36 and four grandchildren, 2 boys, 2 girls.  Wish they were still young.
Thank you!

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by shelzmike, Feb 19, 2008
Yes, that is my daughter and I know they do grow up so fast! I cannot belive her 1 year birthday is next month! I was just telling my wife that we no longer have a baby (almost) she is almost a toddler now! We are about 50/50 on another one though (but that will probably be it, unless I win the lottery or something!). If you are interested, there are more pictures of the family under my "photos" tab. In addition to the article, which is basic information, I would visit and listen to this guy's story as well as Dr. Weekes' recordings.


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