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Thursday Dr "S" appt.

Nov 06, 2008 - 0 comments


Went to my PCP today, TMI too much info. Had injctions in wrist about 10 days ago, recommends surgery soon. Also ordered an EMG/NVC for lower back to explain total numbness I am experiencing in mine legs/rear end. I have had this test on my wrists but not for my back. Oh and started me on Valium to cope with the depression /stress from my health. I thought the idea was to cure the ailments not just treat more and more symptoms. I really like my Doctor and respect his diagnosis and treatments, but I guess I'm getting frustrated with everything thats wrong with me. Hypertension/Osteoarthritis/Disk protrusions at L2-3/L4-5 /CarpalTunnel and prostititis. I'M 41 FOR G-- SAKES. ANYONE ELSE FEEL OVERWHELMED

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