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Job Inetrview

Nov 08, 2008 - 0 comments

Today I'm a little tired because I wok up with alarm clock.
I had an job interview and I passed it very well, looking from my side :-) but I have mistakes in my translation from Macedonian to English instead to write advantages a wrote privileges, and instead to write trade I wrote market (I need more knowledge in English language, Americans and British people please help and correct your language used by me :-))
The recruiter surprised me and I can tell that he doesn't know his job, he was very stupid as I can tell, he ask me about my family, DH? were he is working, were do we leave, do we have children??, this are private questions don't you think? he was surprised about my working experience but didn't ask much about it??? not as much as I expected?!?!  Only God knows what will happen and I'll let you know soon.  
Tonight me and DH are going out to visit his aunt.
Have a nice day and good night all of you.  

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