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Bring on the Monsters...

Feb 08, 2008 - 1 comments

Well, whoever read my forum post will know that I was battling the thought of taking my two boys to the monster truck show at our little civic center tomorrow. I do not have to even explain to any of you the reasons behind it. And like cali said, I did a bad thing. I spent all day yesterday googling things about monster truck shows (carbon monoxide exhaust fumes, you name it). Also, the crowded arena with thousands and traffic, we all know the drill.

Well, my wife was gonna go, but ends up she cannot and I could not find any one else to go.. I really did not want to let my boys down as my anxiety has caused us (them) to miss out on many young boy things.

So, last night I made the decision......I am going to go and face my fears...besides I think (really really hope) that it may be fun (after all, I am a guy and we are supposed to like huge loud car-crusing trucks on steroids right?) :)

Not only that, I bought the tickets online and come to find out, there are on the FRONT ROW! (The good news is that I have my typical "out" should I need it. We are right next to an entryway.

So this should be fun...pray for me folks.

I also got a connection and got hooked up with pit passes for before the show, I figured this way, I can get used to the setting and atmosphere beforehand - hopefully any panic and anxiety I would have will be gone before the actual show starts!

In a way, (being a Christian and all) I think that the situation that occurred (with no one being able to go besides me) is unusual - so I beleive God has given me no other option. Maybe this will be it...maybe this will be the final victory over my panic and anxiety and I can start my healing!

So, I will talk with everyone sometime in the next few days and I will post pictures!

A little anxious, but prepared....


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by wendy99, Feb 09, 2008
Oh I forgot to tell you I was able to fly to IRELAND last month for a was awesome!!!!!   A plane over a rough North Atlantic Ocean.  I did it!!!

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